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EastEnders spoilers for next week: First look as The Six come up with a new plan following Sharon’s arrest

Can Linda hold her nerve?

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal The Six have a new plan after Sharon was arrested by the police. But will it work?

Meanwhile, George faces Eddie in court. And when Gloria is rushed to hospital, will he finally get the answers he needs?

Also, Harvey tries to prove Dean is guilty and Yolande confronts Denzel. All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. The net closes in on The Six

Johnny on EastEnders

Johnny represents Sharon, who is sticking to her story after her arrest. However when they are presented with new evidence, both are taken aback.

Meanwhile, back in Walford, the police descend and start questioning the women again.

When Johnny then arrives home without Sharon, Kathy and Suki reveal they have a new plan. But what is it?

2. The Six turn on each other

Linda can’t believe it when Johnny tells her the women have a new plan. He vows to fix it by getting Sharon released.

Meanwhile, Kathy, Stacey and Suki fill Denise in on the latest plot. But she is horrified by what they are suggesting. They are soon interrupted by Phil, but will he get the answers he’s demanding?

3. Linda prepares to go to the police

Linda and Johnny on EastEnders

Linda decides to go to the police station and tells them a fabricated story. However as they start to question why she withheld this information, can she hold it together?

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4. George gets a shock

George talking to his mum on EastEnders

The CPS call George and tell him Gloria has given them information about Eddie. She then turns up at The Vic and encourages him to testify. However, he soon hears her on the phone to Eddie and realises his mum can’t ever desert his dad.

5. Eddie threatens George

George gets ready to testify at Eddie’s trial. Cindy tries to encourage him to give Gloria another chance, but George refuses.

George is then summoned to the Boxing Den by Eddie, who tries to convince him not to testify.

George then tells him Gloria has given evidence too. Eddie issues a chilling threat, but will it stop George telling the truth?

6. Eddie’s trial in EastEnders spoilers

Cindy and Elaine join forces to convince George to go ahead and testify. As George reveals all about Eddie’s threat, they insist he must go to court.

As George is cross-examined by Eddie’s defence, Gloria shouts out across the courtroom. When the court takes a break, Eddie glares at Gloria and George.

Gloria struggles to contain her emotions and runs from the courtroom. However once outside she collapses…

7. George makes amends

After Gloria wakes in hospital following a heart attack, she asks George to go to her flat and get a box containing important information about his childhood. However he is overwhelmed and heads to the Boxing Den instead.

Phil finds him there having just learnt Ben has been given six years. He offers George some advice and tells him he should be at the hospital with his mum.

George listens and as he and Gloria take a trip down memory lane, they listen to a lullaby recorded by his birth mum.

8. Harvey determined to prove Dean is guilty

Harvey visits Jade and steals the pill box to confront Dean. However Dean continues to make out it is Harvey and Jean’s fault. Stacey and Linda witness the pair arguing.

9. Bernie leaves in EastEnders spoilers

Bernie talks to Kat and Phil on EastEnders

The residents rally round Bernie in her hour of need, but when Phil speaks out in defence of Sharon, the finger is then pointed at him. Bernie decides to head to Spain to break the news to Karen of Keanu’s death.

10. Yolande builds bridges

Yolande is upset to be pushed out of the charity plans. But Denzel encourages her to stand up for herself and attend prayer group.

However he secretly wants to have a party while she is there, so when she comes back he’s raging. He has a row with Pastor Clayton outside the community centre.

Yolande berates Denzel for his rudeness to the Pastor. It leads her and Pastor Clayton to repair their friendship – but is that a good idea?

11. Billy plots

Honey is annoyed when Billy ditches their marathon shopping date, but Jay covers for him. It’s clear Billy is up to something, but what is it?

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