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EastEnders spoilers for next week: Denise disappears as her hallucinations worsen

Denise is falling apart

Our EastEnders spoilers for next week can reveal that Denise disappears as she begins to see visions of murdered Keanu. But can she be found before she does something drastic?

Elsewhere, Stacey confides in Suki about her affair with Jack, and Linda makes a promise to Johnny.

Then, George reaches out to Cindy for comfort, and Dean worries about Jade.

Read our EastEnders spoilers for these stories in full below.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Denise disappears as her mind continues to unravel

Denise looking worried on EastEnders

As the week begins, Denise‘s mental state continues to unravel. She starts having hallucinations of Keanu, which she believes are real.

Stacey talking to Denise on EastEnders

Stacey goes to see her, but Denise tries to brush it off. But when Denise talks about what she’s seeing and hearing, Stacey realises that Denise is experiencing psychosis and tries to convince Denise to go to see a doctor.

Denise looking upset and dishevelled on EastEnders

Ricky is convinced Denise is having a breakdown when he overhears her saying strange things. However, Amy insists she just needs to sleep.

Denise looking worried on EastEnders

After Denise rushes out to hide in a bush, Stacey gets her back inside, where Yolande and Pastor Clayton arrive to give counsel. As Stacey insists that Denise needs to see a psychiatrist, Denise pays a visit to the only person she believes can help her – Lucas.

Denise talking to Amy and Ricky on EastEnders

However, Lucas is very worried by Denise’s behaviour and the things she is saying. When she arrives home in an agitated state, Denise frightens the life out of Amy and Ricky.

Denise talks to Jack on EastEnders

She explains she must get far away to keep them safe and grabs the car keys. However, Amy convinces Denise to let her go as well, and they drive off together.

2. Stacey confides in Suki… and prepares to call off the affair

Stacey talks to Suki on EastEnders

Elsewhere, Stacey tells Suki that she’s been seeing Jack. Suki insists that Jack must stay with his wife and end things for all their sakes.

Stacey talking to Jack on EastEnders

Later, Stacey tells Jack their affair is over, but the conversation is interrupted when Lucas calls to share his fears about Denise.

Jack looks worried while on the phone in EastEnders

Out in the woods, Denise and Amy drive at high speed, terrifying Amy. Denise abruptly stops the car and rushes off into the night – leaving Amy distraught.

Can Denise be found before it’s too late?

3. Linda vows to sober up for Johnny

Johnny talks to Linda on EastEnders

At The Vic, word spreads that Denise has gone missing. Together, the residents start a search party. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Johnny have a tense conversation about Denise.

Linda looks worried on EastEnders

Meanwhile, Johnny is reeling following Linda’s revelation – Johnny is consumed with guilt about not being around for Linda.

Johnny talks to Linda on EastEnders

Linda tries to console her son and promises that she’ll stop drinking. But can Linda beat her demons?

4. George turns to Cindy for comfort

George looking worried and thoughtful on EastEnders

George continues to struggle with the fallout from his conversation with Gloria last week. However, he isn’t comfortable sharing the details of his pain with Elaine.

George looks uncomfortable as he talks to Elaine on EastEnders

Later, he leaves Cindy a voicemail. In it, he tells her that he wishes she were there…

Cindy gets into a car with George on EastEnders

Meanwhile, Ian is perturbed when he hears that Cindy has cut her trip short and come home, especially as she hasn’t even been to see him yet.

Cindy sits with George in the car on EastEnders

Cindy goes to see George, who needs to talk through his anguish over Gloria and Eddie’s court case. Cindy reminds George she’ll always be there for him when he needs her.

5. Dean worries about Jade

Dean looks unhappy on EastEnders

Dean is worried when he discovers Jade has been walking around the Square in the cold as he’s concerned about her health.

Nugget and Avani make friends with Jade on EastEnders

Elsewhere, Jean encourages Nugget and Avani to befriend Jade, and they do. Later, Dean arrives home to find Jade entertaining her new friends.

Nugget and Avani approach Jade on EastEnders

Dean tells Jade that it’s too cold for her to be out with her friends. She defies him, and he later finds her in McKlunky’s with Nugget and Avani.

Jade sitting with Avani andNugget

Jade is mortified when Dean puts his foot down in front of her new friends. Avani teases her that her dad has her on a short leash.

How will Jade react?

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