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EastEnders fans ‘work out’ exactly who Theo is and what he wants from Stacey and Lily

Theo bought Lily some trainers

Last week in EastEnders  Theo was displaying some frankly creepy behaviour around Stacey and Lily. Fans picked up on it and tonight, as Lily contacts Theo for more cash, things are getting even weirder.

So who is Theo – and what exactly does he want with Lily and Stacey? Viewers are convinced they know…

Stacey wasn’t pleased (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Theo bought Lily some trainers

On Thursday, June 16, Theo gifted Lily some trainers despite Stacey’s disapproval. He had heard that they couldn’t afford the new trainers and had bought them for her as a treat.

Freddie invited Theo round, making him hear that Stacey couldn’t afford to buy Lily some new trainers.

In the Slaters’ kitchen, Stacey found a box of trainers under the table and took them out. Theo then explained that he was going to clear it with Stacey first but bought them at a discount price for Lily as a birthday treat.

Stacey told Theo to take them back as it wasn’t fair on her other kids as they wouldn’t be getting anything like that for their birthdays this year.

Later on, Theo placed the trainers in the bin whilst Lily was taking some rubbish out and suggested that she keep them and make out as though she just found them.

Lily then told her friends, making Amy fear that Lily was being groomed. Lily then confronted Theo and asked if he was a pervert but he assured her that he was not as he wasn’t a stranger but a family friend.

Meanwhile, tonight (Tuesday June 20) Lily and Ricky are trying to come up with money-making schemes and lure Theo to Walford. Lily tells him she’s selling the trainers to make cash and Theo stops her by presenting her with a wad of notes.

He tells Lily she must lie to Stacey that the cash came from Ricky doing odd jobs. Although Lily is thrilled she made some easy money, should she be worried about Theo’s true intentions?

Theo looking creepy in Stacey's kitchen with Jean on EastEnders
Fans reckon that Theo is a Secret Cam subscriber (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan ‘work out’ who Theo is and what he wants

EastEnders fans certainly think so and have ‘worked out’ who Theo is and what he wants. They reckon that he is indeed a pervert and also subscribes to Stacey’s Secret Cam page.

One fan wrote: “Theo is such a creep, he’s defo the guy on the cam paying Stacey and now he’s trying to get in with her daughter.”



A second EastEnders viewer tweeted: “The look Theo gave Stacey as she walked away… yeah he’s the one who’s been watching her stuff and messaging her and is trying to use Freddie and Lily as an in.”

A third fan commented: “Theo can’t keep away he’s honestly so creepy. He’s definitely the guy on the secret cam. The way he looked at Stacey then in the pub. It’s definitely him.”

Another fan came up with an even wilder theory: “I’ve just seen a YouTube comment saying that Theo could actually be the father of Lily’s baby not Ricky. Please be real,” they wrote. Could that be the case?

Theo’s certainly giving off some creepy vibes (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Is Theo Stacey’s Secret Cam subscriber?

Theo hanging around with Freddie so much is a little random. He wasn’t nice to Freddie at school as his teacher and now all of a sudden wants to be best mates with him.

The whole set up is rather strange, especially when he’s buying gifts for Lily when he barely knows her. Is Theo trying to please Stacey? Is he Stacey’s Secret Cam subscriber? Or is it Lily he’s really after?

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