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EastEnders: Keanu Taylor returns just days after Ian Beale and fans are thrilled

Keanu's back - but is he back for good?

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In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Tuesday December 13, 2022), fans were delighted to see Keanu Taylor return to Walford unannounced.

Fans had already been treated to the surprise return of Ian Beale during Dot’s funeral.

Now, EastEnders has shocked fans even further with Keanu’s comeback.

EastEnders' Keanu is staring into the distance
What a surprise – Keanu Taylor’s back in Walford (Credit: BBC)

Keanu Taylor returns to EastEnders

Last night’s EastEnders saw Keanu Taylor return to Walford.

Keanu’s mum, Karen, could be seen smoking a cigarette outside.

However, as she walked away, Keanu could be seen staring on in the distance.

He then proceeded to smile.

Viewers will remember that Keanu left Walford in 2020 after Phil found out about his affair with Sharon.

Sharon and Keanu had been seeing each other behind Phil’s back, with Sharon going on to give birth to Keanu’s son, Albie.

Keanu faked his own death to try and escape Phil’s wrath but eventually, the two fought it out on a boat.

However, it was Dennis who ended up becoming a casualty of the fallout, drowning on the boat.

Sharon couldn’t forgive Keanu for her son’s death and told him to leave.

Keanu departed Walford.

With fans believing that Keanu had stuck to his word, they’ve been left shocked to see the character return almost three years after he left.

EastEnders' Keanu is upset with cuts on his face
Keanu left in early 2020 (Credit: BBC)

Fans have been left surprised by the return

EastEnders fan can’t believe that they’ve been treated to a second surprise return within the space of a week.

One fan tweeted: “Loved the last two days’ episodes with Dot’s farewell. It has been excellent with all the old faces. Tonight’s ending was so surprisingly perfect with Keanu returning. What a great last scene that was.”


A third fan questioned: “Is it a coincidence that Sharon was talking about her having her happiness and then Keanu turning up? Are we going to see Sheanu revisited? Plus, we better get a scene between Callum, Ben and Keanu. Or even an acknowledgement of Callum’s kidnapping.”



One fan wrote: “It’s not even Christmas Day and you’re serving all these surprises. I love this show. So happy to see Keanu back.”

Another commented: “Actually excited to see the drama that Keanu’s return is gonna cause… especially when Phil comes back, and it will be so nice for Karen.”

Were you surprised by Keanu’s return?

EastEnders; Danny Walters is on the red carpet
Danny has opened up about his return (SplashNews.com)

EastEnders: Why is Keanu back and is he back for good?

Many fans will be eager to know whether Keanu’s only making a flying visit or whether he’s back for good.

Keanu star, Danny Walters has all revealed to The Metro: “Keanu has come back to the Square with the intention to create a relationship with his son and to have an impression in his son’s life, but also to rekindle that relationship with Sharon. That is maybe a motive.

“He goes into those old habits where he sees himself becoming like his father so he tries to change those habits.

“I think while he was in Portugal and away from the Square he’s had time to think about things, to grow up.”

But, will everyone accept that Keanu’s changed for the better?

Danny hints that Phil may not be so delighted by his return, stating: “It’s not long before Phil’s back and we can expect fireworks.”

Whilst we don’t know whether Keanu is back for good, Danny has confirmed that Keanu is desperate to be a part of Albie’s life.

So, will he stick around?

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