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EastEnders fans slam soap for ‘glorifying’ Lily’s pregnancy

Lily held a gender reveal party

In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Monday April 10, 2023), Lily attended her 20 week baby scan with Ricky and Stacey.

Whilst Stacey nipped out to make a phone call to Shifty Shiv, Lily and Ricky found out the gender of their baby. However, they decided to keep it a secret and hold a gender reveal party to announce the news.

Tonight (Tuesday April 11) saw the party revealing what Lily and Ricky are having and everyone being excited at the news.

After watching these scenes, EastEnders fans have taken to Twitter to slam the soap for ‘glorifying’ Lily’s pregnancy.

EastEnders' Lily is having a baby scan
Lily had her baby scan (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Lily attended her 20 week baby scan

Last night, Lily attended her 20 week baby scan alongside Stacey and Ricky Jnr. Ricky had been late after questioning his ability to become a dad but Stacey talked him round.

With Lily at the hospital alone, she was told that she would have to reschedule as she couldn’t have a scan without an adult present. However, Stacey and Ricky turned up soon after, allowing Lily to have her scan.

Inside the hospital room, Lily and Ricky found out the gender of their baby whilst Stacey nipped outside to make a phone call to Shifty Shiv.

When their appointment was over, Lily told Stacey that they had found out the baby’s gender but wanted to keep it a secret. They were planning to hold a gender reveal party.

Ricky suggested that they pop a balloon to reveal the gender but Lily chipped in saying that she could bake a cake to save money.

EastEnders' Lily is at the hospital
Lily wanted a gender reveal party (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans slam soap for ‘glorifying’ Lily’s pregnancy

After hearing Lily and Ricky express their desire for a gender reveal party, EastEnders fans have slammed the soap for ‘glorifying’ Lily’s pregnancy.

They are complaining that the soap shouldn’t be treating Lily’s pregnancy like a typical one – she shouldn’t be celebrating as she’s only 12.

One viewer wrote: “A gender reveal party for a 12 year old. I’m still trying to get my head around how wrong this is.”

A second fan wrote: “I love EastEnders at the moment but glorifying a 12 year old getting pregnant and having a gender reveal party ain’t it.”


Another EastEnders fan commented: “Gender reveal party, they’re just children themselves – so sad.”

A final person tweeted: “The first gender reveal in the show and it’s for two 12 year olds… this is sl is so dystopian.”

EastEnders' Stacey and Lily are smiling at the hospital whilst looking at Lily's phone
Lily’s gender reveal party doesn’t go to plan (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Lily’s gender reveal party

In EastEnders tonight, Lily held the gender reveal party after baking a cake.

However, chaos followed when Sam turned up to the party, despite Ricky Jnr making it clear that he didn’t want her there.

When Lily and Ricky Jnr were about to cut open the cake, Stacey was forced to leave to deal with Shifty Shiv in the Arches.

But she made it back just after the baby was revealed to be a girl. Stacey is delighted to be getting a granddaughter, but will it continue to be plain sailing?

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