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EastEnders fans make chilling prediction about ‘creepy’ Emma as she threatens a child

Emma stepped to granddaughter Lexi's defence

Fans of EastEnders found themselves chilled to the core by ‘creepy’ Emma Harding, as scenes from last night’s episode showed her threatening a terrified child.

Emma arrived in Walford as estranged mother of Lola Pearce, tracked down by Billy Mitchell as a wedding gift for her and Jay.

While Emma declined to attend the wedding, she has since made her presence well known in Walford.

Emma talking to Denise at the salon on EastEnders
Making an appointment with Denise at the salon, Emma introduced herself to Lola as a client named ‘Nicole’ (Credit: BBC)

Emma makes her presence known in Walford

Wednesday’s episode saw Emma introduce herself to Lola as a new salon client named ‘Nicole.’

After watching videos on Lola’s cancer journey, she was devastated to learn that her daughter is dying.

She also ingratiated herself to granddaughter Lexi, offering her words of solace and advice.

Finding out that Lexi was being picked on by a schoolmate, Emma took matters into her own hands.

She tracked down Lexi’s classmate and issued a bone-chilling threat.

Viewers took to social media after the episode to share their thoughts on Patsy Kensit’s performance.

Emma looking scary on EastEnders
Viewers were creeped-out by Emma’s behaviour in last night’s episode (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

EastEnders viewers react to ‘creepy’ Emma Harding

Writing on Twitter, EastEnders viewers have decided Emma is ‘creepy’ and have made a chilling prediction that she is the new ‘psycho’ of the Square.

“I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – Emma is creepy AF,” one fan wrote.

“Emma Harding is low-key creepy, but it’s kinda campy,” said another.

“Emma’s weird, not too fond,” a third viewer said.

“Patsy Kensit giving off ‘The Hand that Rocks the Cradle’ vibes,” said another, referring to the 1992 horror film about a psycho stalker nanny.

“Emma’s going to be the new psycho!” added one more.

Another said: “Dark side to Emma?”

“I actually think it’s going to turn out Dan tried to get Lola away from Emma, there’s definitely something wrong,” suggested someone else.

A further commenter added: “I’m fully prepared to love Emma if she goes Mega Camp Eeeevil. We sorely need a new Janine-y maniac.”

But what’s next for ‘creepy’ Emma?

Lola Pearce looking concerned on EastEnders
Lola received money from her mum in secret (Credit: BBC)

Emma leaves generous gift for Lola and Lexi

Following her school gate confrontation, Emma headed back to the Square with a gift for Lola.

She dropped £1000 in cash through the letterbox for Lola.

Lola had no idea that the generous gift was from her mother.

Will Emma reveal her true identity to Lola?

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