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EastEnders fan spots huge clue Zack will die at Christmas: ‘Very suspicious’

Is Zack in grave danger?

Someone’s set to peg it in just a couple of months as the EastEnders Christmas day death draws ever closer.

Last night (Monday, October 2), Zack and Whitney had a meeting about fostering.

A new EastEnders fan theory now suggests that Zack will be the one to die at Christmas.

Whitney opened up about Tony (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Zack and Whitney want to foster

Last night, Zack and Whitney had a meeting about fostering a child, opening up about their past. Whitney was then asked to speak about Tony as she relived memories she would rather forget.

Meanwhile, Stacey started making a speech to baby Charli as she hoped to protect her from the bad guys in the world.

As Stacey made this speech, the camera then panned to Zack and Whitney at home.

Now, fans have been quick to pick up on this and have started linking these scenes to the Christmas death.

EastEnders' Zack and Whitney are hugging
Fans reckon that these scenes foreshadow the death (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Zack to die at Christmas?

After seeing the camera pan on to Zack when Stacey spoke about the bad men in the world, a new fan theory predicts that Zack will soon do something bad and will then die at Christmas.

One fan wrote:  “Only just watching but that was some very suspicious framing around Zack at the start of the episode.”

This led one fan to reply: “Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have Whitney looking at a photo of Tony? – unless it’s foreshadowing…”

Another added: “I had wondered if she [Whitney] might be the seventh member who kills whoever it is. As she’s leaving in January. James also dropped a hint that he isn’t the victim. But surely all the male cast would need to keep quiet about whether they survive or not. Misdirection, maybe?”

Are Zack’s days numbered? (Credit: BBC)

Is Zack the Christmas victim?

The camera panning to Zack during Stacey’s speech could well have been a hint at what’s to come.

Could Zack do something bad and pay the price at Christmas? Or, could a ‘bad man’ soon end Zack’s life instead? Will Zack die at Christmas?

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