EastEnders' Whitney and Zack are looking at each other in the hospital and, in a bubble, is Lily

EastEnders: Whitney and Zack face baby tragedy, fans predict Lily’s decision

Will Lily give up her baby to the grieving couple?

Sadly, last night’s EastEnders (Monday February 27, 2023), saw Whitney and Zack learn that their baby, Peach, had Edward’s Syndrome.

Whitney then decided to terminate her pregnancy after learning that her baby would most likely die.

Now, a new fan theory has suggested that Lily could give up her baby to Whitney and Zack.

Zack sits with Whitney in the hospital on EastEnders
Whitney and Zack’s baby had Edward’s Syndrome (Credit: BBC)

Whitney and Zack received some heart-breaking news

Last night, Whitney and Zack attended a hospital appointment to learn the results of the tests taken on their unborn baby.

They were told the heart-breaking news that their baby had Edward’s Syndrome.

Their baby girl would die before or shortly after birth.

Whitney decided that she would terminate the pregnancy so that the baby wouldn’t suffer.

At a later appointment, Whitney and Zack sat down as Whitney was given a tablet to begin the termination.

After telling their unborn baby, Peach, how much they loved her, Whitney eventually swallowed the tablet.

Fans think that Lily will give Whitney her baby (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Lily to give up her baby to Whitney

After seeing Whitney go through with the termination, a new EastEnders fan theory predicts that 12-year-old, pregnant Lily Slater may give up her baby to Whitney and Zack.

One fan suggested: “I’m so convinced Whitney is gonna end up with Lily’s baby.”

Another fan commented: “Well this has set it up for Lily to give her baby to Whitney.”



A third EastEnders viewer predicted: “Either Lily is gonna give her baby to Whitney to adopt or as soon as Lily’s baby is born, Whitney is gonna do a Sonia and kidnap the baby.”

A fourth and final fan wondered: “I have a feeling that Lily might give her baby to Whitney once it is born?”

Can you see this happening?

Could Whitney adopt Lily’s baby? (Credit: BBC)

Could Lily give up her baby to Whitney and Zack?

Lily’s decided to keep her baby but with the Slaters struggling financially and Lily being so young, raising a baby will be particularly tough for her.

Whitney and Zack are desperate for a family.

Could Lily give up her baby to Whitney and Zack?

Will Whitney raise Lily’s baby as her own?

What do you think?

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Whitney Is Terminating Her Baby #eastenders | 27th February 2023

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