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EastEnders fan theory: Emma Harding pregnant with Phil’s secret child after Sharon finds out that he’s Albie’s dad

Could Phil have ANOTHER child he doesn't know about?

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Last night in EastEnders (Thursday, November 16), Sharon tried to process the fact that Albie wasn’t Keanu’s.

She debated telling Phil that Albie was actually his but stopped herself from doing so.

Now, a new EastEnders fan theory suggests that Phil has ANOTHER child he doesn’t know about, as well as Albie.

EastEnders' Sharon is angry
Sharon found out that Albie isn’t Keanu’s (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Albie is Phil’s son

Last night in Walford, Sharon kept a huge secret from Keanu – Albie wasn’t actually his son.

Realising that Albie was actually Phil’s, Sharon confided in Zack about her new discovery.

Zack told Sharon to keep it a secret as being a dad wasn’t about the blood running through your veins but was about who steps up for the child.

With the truth eating away at her, Sharon paid a visit to Phil but when he started being disrespectful to her she thought better of telling him that he was Albie’s dad.

She then went back home to Keanu and continued to play happy families, with Keanu absolutely oblivious to the truth.

EastEnders' Phil is at the hospital
A new fan theory predicts that Emma Harding will have Phil’s baby (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Phil has two secret children?

After this huge Albie paternity twist, these scenes have sparked a new EastEnders fan theory.

The theory now suggests that Phil could be about to have a second secret child that he doesn’t know about.

Casting their minds back to Phil’s one night stand with Emma Harding, fans now reckons that Emma’s pregnant with Phil’s baby.

One fan wrote: “Wait, so if Emma ends up being pregnant with Phil’s baby, he now has five kids? Ben, Louise, Raymond, Albie, and Emma’s baby.”

Another fan also said: “Ah it is Phil’s! So that’s a child with Denise, Sharon and Emma then.”

But, does Phil actually have five biological kids despite only being aware of three?

Billy talking with Emma in EastEnders
Will Emma return? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Could Emma Harding return with a baby?

Emma wasn’t in Walford for long but, during her time in The Square, viewers will know that she had a one night stand with Phil.

But, could there be more to this storyline than viewers first thought? Will Emma soon return with Phil’s baby?

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