Dev Alahan in Coronation Street

Dev Alahan in Coronation Street: His eventful love life and family dramas

Things have been quieter for Dev recently but is it the calm before the storm?

Dev Alahan in Coronation Street is the smooth-talking businessman, devoted dad to twins Aadi and Asha, and cobbles legend.

Coronation Street Feb 18 Linda is shocked to find out about Joseph going missing from Dev
Dev’s been in the show since 1999 (Credit: ITV)

He’s been in the show since 1999, making one of the Street’s longest-serving residents. And he’s had more than his fair share of drama in that time!

So what’s his story?

Who plays Dev Ahalan in Coronation Street?

Dev is played by actor Jimmi Harkishin.

He’d been in films including East Is East and Bhaji on the Beach, as well as having  parts in all manner of British telly programmes such as Casualty, Desmond’s, The Bill and Jonathan Creek when he landed the role of Dev.

How old is Dev Alahan?

Dev’s alter ego Jimmi was born in March 1965, while Dev is around a year older with his birthday being listed as March 1964.

Jimmi’s personal life

Jimmi has three children with his partner Susan Beaton and for a while struggled with misusing drugs. ITV supported him in his addiction battle and in 2015 gave him a short sabbatical from the show to get back on his feet.

Jimmi’s spoken about how peaceful and helpful he finds his hobby of gardening.

Dev Alahan in Coronation Street’s years in Weatherfield

Dev’s no stranger to drama and no wonder with all the ups and downs he’s been through in his time on the cobbles.

Dev Alahan in Coronation Street
Dev and Sunita had twins Aadi and Asha (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

His ex-girlfriend Maya Sharma took terrible revenge on Dev when he dumped her to get back together with his wife Sunita, mum to the twins. She framed Sunita for an immigration scam, kidnapped her, trashed Dev’s flat, set fire to the shop and drove off leaving Dev and Sunita for dead!

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Fortunately the pair survived, only for Sunita to perish in a fire at the Rovers in 2013, set by killer Karl Price.

Why do people ask if Dev Alahan is gay?

Street lothario Dev is a real ladies’ man and has never shown any hints at being interested in men.

He’s had a string of ill-fated romances – most recently with Bernie Winter – and loves nothing more than flirting up a storm.

Dev Alahan and daughter Amber in Coronation Street
Amber caused all sorts of trouble for dad Dev. The campaign to bring her back to Corrie starts here. (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Dev’s slept with Tracy Barlow and her mum Deirdre, as well as having an affair with his friend Prem’s wife, Nina Mandal, and dating his daughter Tara.

And Dev’s a dad to six children. He has the twins, Aadi and Asha with his late wife Sunita, as well as daughter Amber Kalirai (who, by the way, we love and would definitely want to see back in the Street sometime) whose mum worked for Dev when he ran a chain of shops. He’s also got two un-named children by other former shop employees.

What’s next for Dev?

With Dev’s romance with Bernie on and off again more times than we can count, we reckon it’s probably time for Mr Alahan to take a break from the ladies. But there’s not much chance of that!

Coronation Street Mon 24 Jan Dev and Bernie announce they are a couple
Can Dev and Bernie make a go of things? (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile daughter Asha is planning her future at university and son Aadi seems to have forgiven his dad for choosing to rescue his sister instead of him during the dramatic storm late last year.

So all quiet chez Alahan for now. But will it last?

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