Nicola looking worried in court and looking scared at home in Emmerdale

Dark twist sees Nicola exit Emmerdale as Nicola Wheeler says: ‘Justice may not prevail’

Will Nicola get justice?

Emmerdale star Nicola Wheeler has dropped a massive hint she could be heading for a big soap exit as Nicola King’s court case airs.

During an interview with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning back in June Nicola became flustered when questioned about her future on the show.

And she’s also hinted that her character make not get justice.

Is Nicola King heading for the door after over 20 years in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale Nicola looks worried
Nicola has struggled since the attack (Credit: ITV)

What’s wrong with Nicola in Emmerdale?

Nicola was attacked by a gang of teenage girls back in June.

The attacked left her terrified to even leave her home as she feared the girls would come after her again.

She is started having panic attacks. She later smashed her car into David Metcalfe’s van after becoming overwhelmed and slamming on the accelerator rather than the brakes.

Her friend Laurel and sister Bernice could see something was not right and encouraged her to get help.

Things slowly started to get better for Nicola but when Charles’s daughter Naomi moved to the village, Nicola recognised her shoes and voice from the attack.

At first Naomi denied any involvement. But she later admitted she did witness the attack and knew the girls.

Eventually Naomi told the police that her old housemate Saskia and her friends were the ones who attacked Nicola when she was with them on a day out.

However Saskia and her friends claim they were not involved in the attack and Naomi has only done this to get revenge on Saskia after a falling out.

This week, Naomi, Saskia and the other girls are in court on trial for Nicola’s attack.

But will Nicola get justice? And could this lead to an exit for Nicola?

Emmerdale exit for Nicola Wheeler as she look sheepish on the This Morning sofa
Nicola was coy on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Is Nicola making an exit from Emmerdale?

Quizzing Nicola on what happens next when she joined them on This Morning on Tuesday June 30, Phillip asked: “So you’ve hinted there is an improvement and then it goes really badly?”

“Yes, she’s gathered her strength back and then it gets worse and worse,” Nicola told him.

It soon became clear Phil was fishing for gossip – and perhaps knew more than he was letting on himself…

“And for you as the actor playing the character, is this like a serious thing? Have you got plans to spend more time with your family?”

Nicola laughed and looked flustered as she said: “It’s been a very good storyline…”

Phil persisted: “But there’ll be many others you’ll be looking forward to?”

“I can’t tell you,” Nicola said.

“I can tell you something does come up in the future, just when you think this story may have been put to bed, something else comes along.

“And then obviously we’ve got our 50th year and then maybe something might happen that maybe might mean she can’t spend time in the village any more, so who knows?”

The trial is happening this week (Credit: ITV)

Will Nicola get justice?

During the 50th anniversary Nicola got caught in the storm with Naomi’s dad Charles.

She was able to put their past behind him. But she struggled to forgive Naomi.

The trial continues this week, but will her attackers be found guilty?

As reported in, Nicola has hinted that her character may not get justice.

She says that Nicola doesn’t actually remember any of the girls and is going off instinct as she doesn’t have any solid evidence the girls are guilty.

She said: “That becomes more apparent and then have that the girls change their story, which is a surprise to both Naomi and Nicola, they say that Naomi and other friends were part of this attack but not them.

“And that throws a complete spanner in the works, and you’re left with both Nicola and Naomi believing that justice isn’t going to be served and they will get away with it.”

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