WATCH! Coronation Street SPOILER: Michelle Connor comes face to face with her biological son

She hasn't seen him in years

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Michelle Connor gets a shock in this week’s Coronation Street when she comes face to face with her biological son, Alex Neeson.

Michelle is shocked when she runs into her son (Credit: ITV)

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Now going by the name, Ali, he is working at the medical centre and Michelle runs into him when she needs medical attention after cutting her hand.

Michelle hasn’t seen Ali for about ten years after he turned up on the Street with his father and it was revealed the hospital where ‘Chelle gave birth to her son, Ryan, had actually mixed up the babies meaning Alex was her biological son.

They attempted to forge a relationship but after failing to bond with each other, Alex returned to the family which raised him.

Now Ali is back in Weatherfield – and played by Happy Valley’s James Burrows – training to be a GP.

Michelle is impressed but hurt when Ali reveals he’s been in her ends for a ‘few days’ but hadn’t bothered getting in touch with her.

“So a doctor then?” Michelle asks her son while Robert Preston watches on the awkward exchange from the sidelines.

“Well I’ve still go a year’s training to go,” Ali tells her.

The reunion is awkward (Credit: ITV)

“But you work here?” she asks as Ali explains he’s there on a placement.

When Michelle asks when he was going to tell her he was local, the trainee doc swiftly changes the subject.

She’s left stunned when Ali pops out to get some medical strips, but doesn’t return, with another doctor taking over.

So why is Ali back in Weatherfield? And will he and Michelle be able to build bridges?

She’s devastated when Ali leaves her with another doctor (Credit: ITV)

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And what will happen when Michelle’s non-biological son, Ryan, also returns to the cobbles later this year?

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Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm on ITV

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