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Coronation Street: Stephen Reid murders Leo Thompkins

Stephen killed Leo

Coronation Street character Stephen Reid murdered Leo Thompkins in tonight’s episode (Monday, September 26).

But will he kill again?

Coronation Street: Stephen kills Leo

Recently Leo started to become suspicious about Stephen after finding him sleeping in his car.

Stephen has been taking money from his wife Gabrielle‘s company and planned to get Audrey‘s house valued, as he has no money.

Last week Leo discovered that Stephen kissed his fiancée Jenny and was furious.

Tonight he started to do some digging and met up with the real estate agent that was booked to value Audrey’s house.

He later saw Stephen and Gabrielle together and decided to follow them.

Coronation Street Leo and Stephen
Leo confronted Stephen on his lies (Credit: ITV)

After overhearing a conversation between Stephen and Gabrielle, Leo realised that Stephen planned to take the equity from Audrey’s house to pay his wife back.

Leo confronted Stephen on the factory gantry and threatened to call Audrey.

As they got into a fight, Stephen hit Leo.

Leo smacked his head on the metal railing. Stephen soon shoved Leo off the side and he fell into a big metal bin.

Stephen went to check on him but it was clear Leo was dead.

Later Stephen put Leo’s body in the back of a van. But will this be his last kill?

Coronation Street Stephen pushing Leo off the gantry
Stephen pushed Leo off the factory gantry (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Will Stephen kill again?

Actor Todd Boyce was asked if people should be worried about crossing Stephen now he’s killed once.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media, Todd joked: “In the greenroom I’m offered a lot of cups of tea by actors who want to find out how long I’m going to be doing this show and how many people I’m going to kill.

“They offer me their seat. No it’s a running joke.

He continued: “I don’t know, I’m not sure. I think he’s just capable of killing more people and going on and doing that.”

But if Stephen were to kill again, who would he go after?

Coronation Street Audrey at the salon reopening
Audrey is Stephen’s mother (Credit: ITV)

Audrey Roberts

Viewers know that Stephen has been trying to get money from his mother.

Recently he practised forging her signature.

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod has revealed that Audrey “won’t come to be in any physical jeopardy.”

Is she safe from Stephen? Or could he turn on his own mother?

Coronation Street star Sally Ann Matthews plays Jenny Connor in the soap (Credit: ITV)
Jenny and Stephen kissed (Credit: ITV)

Jenny Connor

Stephen set his sights on Jenny when he learnt she was the role owner of the Rovers.

As Jenny had recently split with Leo, as he planned to move to Canada, she was upset.

In a drunk state she ended up kissing Stephen, but Leo soon came back and proposed to her.

Jenny and Leo got engaged and have been planning their move to Canada together.

After he found out about Jenny and Stephen’s kiss, he decided to forgive her.

But now Leo is dead, will Jenny start looking into her fiancé’s disappearance?

And if so, could she be in danger of Stephen?

Coronation Street Mom 24 Jan Carla reminds Jenny she promised Kate a share on Johnny's money
It’s clear Carla doesn’t trust Stephen (Credit: ITV)

Carla Connor

It has been clear that Carla doesn’t trust her business partner’s uncle Stephen.

As Stephen has been around the factory quite a bit, she’s become increasingly annoyed with his presence.

If she starts to grow suspicious, will she end up getting on the wrong side of Stephen?

Coronation Street Gabrielle
Gabrielle is Stephen’s wife, but he’s stolen money from her (Credit: ITV)

Gabrielle Reid

Stephen’s wife Gabrielle came to the cobbles to confront her husband over money he’s taken from her business.

Stephen has been trying to get his hands on money to pay her back.

Before Stephen killed Leo, she threatened to call the police, exposing him if he didn’t give her the money back in a month.

Will Stephen result to killing his wife?

Is Sarah in danger? (Credit: ITV)

Sarah Barlow

Stephen is close with his niece Sarah as she spent many years living in Milan working for him.

Tonight Sarah noticed Stephen’s odd behaviour, but had no idea that he just killed her neighbour Leo.

Will Sarah find out about Leo? Would Stephen go as far to kill his own niece?

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