John Stape’s crimes and victims in Coronation Street detailed

John and Fiz married in 2009

John Stape was in Coronation Street from 2007 until 2011.

The former teaching committed multiple crimes including murder.

But how many people did John kill and what were all of his crimes?

Who is John Stape in Coronation Street?

John Stape was born on November 22 1978.

He is the biological father of Jade Rowan and Hope Stape.

He died in October 28 2011.

John had an affair with Rosie (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

John and Fiz’s relationship: His affair with school pupil Rosie Webster

When John was 19 he working as a DJ when he met 13-year-old Fiz Brown.

Fiz spent most of her time in foster care and she ended up losing contact with John before he went to university.

John went on to become a teacher and began teaching at Weatherfield High.

He ended up bumping into Fiz and the pair soon reinstated their romance.

Soon John began giving Sally Webster lessons as she was resitting her A-Levels.

Sally quickly developed feelings for John and admitted this to him.

John claimed he wasn’t interested in her, but it wasn’t long before he began having an affair with Sally’s sixteen year-old daughter, school girl, Rosie.

Meanwhile Fiz started to suspect John was cheating with Sally.

Rosie and John’s affair continued for months and on Christmas Day 2007, John accidentally swapped Rosie and Fiz’s presents.

John gave Rosie the present. When she opened it and revealed pyjamas, John realised his mistake.

When Fiz opened Rosie’s present, she stormed over to the Websters’ house and accused Sally of cheating.

Soon Rosie returned with the present. When Fiz saw the wrapping paper, she pieced things together.

Kevin beat up John and John left the street until July 2008.

Coronation Street John Stape Fiz
Fiz gave John multiple chances (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Coronation Street: Did John Stape kidnap Rosie Webster?

John and Fiz got back together and when John’s grandmother died, she left him her house.

However John kidnapped Rosie and locked her in the attic of his grandmother’s house.

After weeks being kept in the attic, Fiz went round to John’s and was suspicious seeing women’s clothes.

He admitted he had Rosie in the attic.

When he went to see her, Rosie attacked John. The police were called and John was arrested and taken into custody.

In January 2009, John was sentenced to two years in prison.

Coronation Street: When did John Stape and Fiz get married?

When John was in prison, Fiz began home-schooling her little brother Chesney and went to John for advice.

However they began to fall for each other once again.

Eventually they got engaged and in October 2009 they got married.

John was released from prison the following month.

John stole Colin’s identity (Credit: ITV)

Who is Colin Fishwick?

In April 2010, John attended the leaving party of his former work colleague Colin Fishwick.

Wanting to teach again, John stole some of Colin’s stuff and planned to set up a fake identity under his name so he could go back to teaching.

He didn’t think he would get caught as Colin was going to Canada.

John got himself a job at Daisyfield High School in Rochdale.

What happened to Colin Fishwick? Did John kill him?

At a teaching conference, John reunited with another former colleague Charlotte Hoyle.

He confessed he was using Colin’s identity.

Charlotte told John that Colin was returning and John confessed to Colin what he had done.

Colin seemed to be okay with what John had done.

But soon a man turned up at John’s door thinking he was Colin.

It turned out Colin had left for Canada as he had been having an affair with a married woman, and now the husband was looking for John, believing him to be Colin.

Fiz pointed the man towards Colin and he ended up getting beaten up.

Colin told John he wanted money or he would go to the police about him using his identity.

John and Charlotte waited at John’s for Colin to arrive.

But when Colin got there he suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Instead of calling for help, they wrapped up Colin’s dead body in a carpet and put in a hole in Underworld factory.

John killed Charlotte (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Killing Charlotte Hoyle and Joy Fishwick

In December 2010, Charlotte showed up on the street and demanded John leave Fiz for her.

When John refused she grabbed the hammer and swung it at him.

As Charlotte went to tell Fix about what they had done to Colin, he swung the hammer and hit her, killing her.

He went to call 999 but an explosion at the joinery bar caused a tram cash, sending the street into chaos.

Seeing an opportunity to get away with killing Charlotte, John left her body near the wreckage.

John then left for the hospital to be with Fiz, as he had gone into labour early. She gave birth to a daughter who they called Hope.

John began doing odd jobs for Colin’s mother Joy but ended up confessing to everything that happened with Colin.

This brought on her angina.

As Joy needed her angina spray, John withheld it from her until she agreed to not go to the police.

When she tried to shout for a neighbour, who was at the front door, John covered her mouth which caused her to die.

Eventually the truth came out about Charlotte, Joy and Colin.

Fiz was by John’s side when he died (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Why did Fiz go to prison for John?

John eventually fled Weatherfield and Fiz was accused of the murders of Colin, Joy and Charlotte and was put on trial.

Meanwhile John returned to the street and held Rosie in Jason Grimshaw’s flat.

He told her about the murders so she could help free Fiz.

But Kevin and Jason went to the flat, worried about Rosie who had been gone for some time, John fled.

Kevin began chasing him but John crashed his car trying to avoid him.

He was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

Fiz and Hope were allowed to see him before he died.

Jade is John’s oldest daughter (Credit: ITV)

Who is Jade Rowan?

Jade Rowan is the biological daughter of John Stape, however he never actually knew about Jade.

Viewers were introduced to Jade in 2019.

When John and Fiz’s daughter Hope was kicked out of Bessie Street school due to her behaviour, Fiz took her to a specialist school in Birmingham.

Fiz and Hope met teaching assistant Jade, who got on very well with Hope.

When Fiz and Hope returned to the street, Tyrone failed to get Hope enrolled in Bessie Street and Hope had to be home-schooled.

Fiz called Jade, wanting her to stay with them and be a tutor for Hope.

Jade’s revenge on Fiz

Jade moved in with the family, but it soon became clear she was trying to turn Hope against her mother.

She even got social services involved, making out Fiz abused her daughter.

It was later revealed to viewers that Jade was John’s daughter.

Jade believed Fiz was the reason John died and wanted to get Hope away from her.

She began turning Hope against her mum and the young girl started to believe her mum was a bad person.

Eventually Fiz found out who Jade really was. Jade told Fiz and Tyrone that although she never met her father, he always sent her letters and birthdays and Christmas cards.

It also became clear Jade’s mother had led Jade to believe Fiz drove John mad.

However Fiz made it clear to Jade that John never mentioned having a daughter the whole time she knew him.

After Jade spoke to her mum, she realised John didn’t actually know about her and the letters and cards were all fake.

Eventually Hope started to see what Jade was really like and wanted no contact with her.

Jade was last seen in March 2020.

Graeme had another role in Corrie before he played John (Credit: ITV)

Who played John Stape? Did Graeme Hawley play another character in Corrie?

John was played by Graeme Hawley.

Before landing the role of John, Graeme appeared in Coronation Street as Desmond Worthing.

Desmond was a Weatherfield council election candidate in episodes that aired in May 2001.

He appeared in two episodes.

Later Graeme returned to the soap as John Stape in 2007.

Since leaving Corrie, Graeme has appeared in Casualty, Home Fires, Peaky Blinders, Benidorm, father Brown and Finding Alice.

Coronation Street bosses need to save Phill Whittaker from becoming a villain (Credit: ITV)
Phill planned to write a book about John (Credit: ITV)

Phill Whittaker and John Stape

Last year Fiz began dating Phill Whittaker, however she was horrified when Hope discovered he was writing a book on John and she found out what her dad had done.

Phill claimed he only wanted to tell Fiz’s side of the story.

Furious, she broke up with him and he agreed not to write the book.

But Fiz and Tyrone Dobbs had to explain John’s crimes to Hope.

Soon Fiz forgave Phill and they got back together.

But after they got married, she broke up with him, realising she was still in love with her ex Tyrone.

Fiz and Phill had their marriage annulled.

But in this week’s scenes, Fiz is shocked when she learns someone is writing a book about John.

She’s convinced Phill is behind it. But is it him?

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