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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Courtney and Aadi caught out as all hell breaks loose

Dev gets a right shock

In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Wednesday, September 13), Courtney and Aadi are caught out as all hell breaks lose.

After their meal in the Bistro, Dev gets a surprise when he finds Courtney and Aadi kissing.

But, will Darren find out that his wife’s been playing away in Coronation Street spoilers?

Coronation Street's Courtney and Aadi are looking awkward in the Bistro
Dev sees them kissing (Credit: ITV)

Dev catches Courtney and Aadi out

Tonight, Dev makes out that Amy and Aadi are a couple, prompting Aadi to make up a tale that he’s dating someone called Monica.

Afterwards, Darren tells Dev that he reckons Courtney is having an affair. Amy overhears this and warns Aadi about Darren’s suspicions.

Over lunch, Dev tells Darren about “Monica”, making things awkward as Aadi describes her as beautiful, funny and intelligent whilst everyone, including Courtney, listens in.

Whilst Dev and Darren are distracted, Aadi and Courtney ditch the meal and share a kiss. However, it isn’t long before Dev walks past them and catches them at it. How will he react? Will he tell Darren?

Stu assaults a police officer (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Stu’s arrested for assault

Stu’s concerned when he gets a call from Eliza’s school explaining that she didn’t turn up. Heading round to see Dom, Stu accuses him of kidnapping Eliza during the night.

However, Eliza tells Stu that she ran away by herself and wants to live with her dad now.

Stu sets about dealing with the issue by calling up a social worker who soon arrives with a police officer.

However, when the social worker reveals that Eliza is best staying with Dom for the time being, Stu accidentally hits the police officer in the face whilst being ushered away.

Dom smirks as he watches Stu get arrested for assault. But, will this jeopardise Stu’s chances of bringing Eliza back home?

Evelyn’s difficult to live with (Credit: ITV)

Evelyn makes things difficult for Roy

As Evelyn settles into living with Roy, Roy soon has his work cut out as he realises that Evelyn is rather difficult to live with. But, can they get on?

Shelly’s condition is worsening (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Reality kicks in for Paul

Paul gets a letter offering him an appointment with a palliative care nurse, if he’d like one.

Billy then grows concerned that Paul is trying to put on a brave face and isn’t opening up about how he’s really feeling.

Heading off to Shelly’s flat, Paul speaks about his potential appointment but is taken aback when he realises just how much Shelly’s condition has worsened. Will this prompt him to be honest with Billy about his inevitable future?

Dee-Dee gives Joel the wrong impression (Credit: ITV)

Dee-Dee messes things up with Joel

Joel confesses to Dee-Dee that he was trying to ask her out the other day and suggests that they have dinner together.

Dee-Dee’s thrilled but tells him that’s she’s busy for the next few days. As Joel leaves, Dee-Dee realises that she’s messed things up with him. But, can she make things right?

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Coronation Street - Dev Walks Into Aadi and Courtney Kissing (Preview) (13th September 2023)

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