Glenda and George in Coronation Street

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Glenda arrives to save George

Glenda turns up in George's hour of need

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight (Friday, August 05 2022) reveal the arrival of George Shuttleworth’s sister, Glenda.

George is in no fit state for Mr Pugh’s funeral, struggling through the pain of his toothache.

Can Glenda step in to save the day?

All this and more in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street.

Todd and Mrs Pugh in Coronation Street
Todd and Mrs Pugh have a dispute (Credit: ITV)

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George’s toothache gets the better of him

In recent scenes, George was left in excruciating pain after eating some pork crackling that Sean cooked him.

Since then, the funeral director has persevered with the pain to give Mr Pugh the send off he deserves.

However, in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, George’s toothache gets unbearable and he has no choice but to take Eileen’s extra strong painkillers.

Todd is surprised to find George too high to carry out the funeral and gets him out of the way by putting him in a funeral car.

Mrs Pugh isn’t happy that George isn’t there for her husband’s funeral, leaving Todd to bear the brunt of her upset.

Shuttleworth’s reputation is on the line but somebody unexpected turns up to save the day.

Glenda arrives on the cobbles
Can Glenda save the business from jeopardy? (Credit: ITV)

Glenda takes charge

George’s sister arrives on the Street unexpectedly, filled with shock to see Mrs Pugh giving Todd grief.

Noticing her brother cooped up in one of the funeral cars, she quickly thinks on her feet.

Acting fast, she takes the reins and sets about carrying out the funeral as Mrs Pugh expected.

Thankfully, Mrs Pugh is left pleased with the send off which is a cause for celebration in the Rovers afterwards.

Todd, Glenda and Sean all celebrate Glenda’s heroic events over drinks in the pub with George rocking up to greet them.

He is over the moon to see his sister and doesn’t wait a second to introduce her to Eileen.

Has she protected the Shuttleworth name?

Glenda and George in Coronation Street
Two peas in a pod (Credit: ITV)

Why has Glenda turned up now?

Glenda’s arrival is out of the blue with George not mentioning much of his sister before.

The Shuttleworth name is at risk of being tainted not to mention Rest Easy offering a substantial amount of money to takeover the business earlier this week.

Has Glenda come to rescue the business or does she have another motive for turning up?

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Coronation Street - George Broke A Tooth During Dinner (1st August 2022)

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