Carla looks shocked on Coronation Street; inset, Ryan rages (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan attacks Carla

Ryan sees red, and Carla's in the firing line

The latest Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Ryan Connor attacks Carla in a furious rage. This comes as his career as an online influencer reaches new heights… and his testosterone-fuelled emotions take hold.

Ryan has turned to fitness to cope with his scars and feelings about his own body. However, he has become dangerously addicted to steroids… which begin to impact his behaviour and temper.

Following an upsetting reaction to his online photos, Ryan explodes… with Carla in the firing line. Will he hurt Carla amidst his rage?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Pter talks to Ryan on Coronation Street
Struggling for money, Peter tells Ryan that he’s going to need some rent (Credit: ITV)

Peter turns up the pressure

Peter tells Ryan that he owes Rufus’s wife £15k over the watch. He admits that he could really do with some rent from Ryan.

Ryan tells Peter that he’ll do what he can to help out. When Carla hears that Ryan is off to bistro to take on some extra shifts, she’s annoyed to realise that Peter has been putting pressure on her nephew.

Meanwhile, Ryan gets a message from Liv, one of his followers. The pair swap flirty banter… until she asks him to drop his trousers and send a picture.

What will Ryan do?

Ryan on his phone on Corrie
Ryan’s conversations with flirty Liv give him an idea (Credit: ITV)

Ryan falls down a dangerous rabbit hole

Frustrated that he still can’t pay his way, Ryan tells Sean and Daisy about his ambition to make money online. They warn him that the only way he can do that is by selling some risque pictures.

Ryan arranges to meet up with Daisy later. But after learning that she’ll be moving in with Daniel, he stands her up.

Daisy pops by to check up on him, but he insists that he’s fine. Once she leaves, Ryan’s calm facade slips.

Ryan looks at himself on the mirror in Corrie
Ryan takes to the internet (Credit: ITV)

Struggling with his emotions, Ryan creates a new account on a website called O-Vidz. After posting a new video, he receives a message from Liv describing him as awesome – and demanding new pics.

Later, Ryan sees that he has new subscribers and that the money is flowing in. Lying to Carla and Peter, he tells them that that he’s officially made it as an online fitness influencer.

Carla and Ryan talking on Coronation Street
Ryan is distraught to read derogatory comments about his body (Credit: ITV)

Ryan loses his cool after a setback

Soon, Ryan gets a message from a man called Guy. He offers to pay Ryan for some private photos of his body.

Ryan pulls his top off and, carefully hiding his scars, uploads some pictures. But Guy responds by offering him £100 for a video of his full body and face.

Not long afterwards, Ryan reads a derogatory comment online about his scarred body. How will he react?

Ryan screams at scared Carla on Corrie
Ryan rages at terrified Carla (Credit: ITV)

Carla’s in the firing line

Carla urges him to ignore the mean-spirited comment, but Ryan loses his temper. Taking his upset out on her, he explodes.

In a testosterone rage, he hurls a glass across the room and rages at Carla. How far will his fury take him?

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