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Coronation Street spoilers: Next week revealed in all-new pictures – November 8-12

Kelly is released

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Kelly is released from prison.

Meanwhile Sam and Nick prepare for Natasha’s funeral and Abi has something to show Jack.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street.

1. Coronation Street spoilers: Kelly is released

Kelly’s appeal hearing takes place. The judge declares she’s releasing her with immediate effect.

In court Imran runs into Sabeen who tells him she’ll always be there for him.

After a visit from the social worker, Imran and Toyah are appalled to realise they may need to choose between Kelly and Elsie.

2. Kelly tries to apologise to Nina

Mollie Gallagher

Kelly returns to the street and approaches Nina to build bridges.

However Nina makes it clear she’ll never forgive her.

Toyah tells Kelly that she and Imran aren’t together anymore but Kelly urges her to give Imran a second chance.

Toyah reluctantly reveals to Kelly that Elsie may have to move out.

Kelly reaches a decision for Elsie’s sake and tells Lou she wants to live somewhere else.

Toyah tells Imran she’s willing to give him another chance.

Meanwhile Kelly lets herself into her supported living accommodation to find ‘murderer’ sprayed on the wall.

When Kelly asks after Nina, Dev reveals she’s in bits having lost Seb’s ring.

Later Kelly presents Nina with a ring, making out it’s the one she lost.

Nina isn’t fooled and Kelly admits she went to York to find a replacement, to prove how sorry she is.

Nina chucks the ring back at Kelly leaving her heartbroken.

Roy advises Nina to cut Kelly some slack as she appears to be genuinely sorry.

3. Kelly in danger?

Later, Dev’s car is scratched and he assumes Kelly is responsible.

Craig questions Kelly and she tells him she went to York with a mate.

Kelly tells Nina and Asha she didn’t key Dev’s car.

Aadi asks Kelly if he can crash at hers after an argument with Dev.

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As Kelly and Aadi approach her place, Cole appears and threatens Kelly.

He reveals she’s inadvertently dobbed him into the police as he used their trip to York to pick up a batch of stolen phones.

Is she in danger?

4. Coronation Street spoilers: Natasha’s funeral

As the funeral car pulls up on the street, Sam slips his hand into Nick’s who squeezes it tightly.

Audrey, David and Shona watch, heartbroken.

Later, when the funeral ends, mourners gather in the Bistro to say goodbye to Natasha.

Sam silently gives Nick a piece of paper on which he’s written a eulogy to his mum.

Sam in Coronation Street after his mum's funeral

As Nick reads the eulogy, he struggles to contain his emotions.

Later Nick and Leanne agree it’s time to seek professional help for Sam.

After an appointment with Sam, Dr Gaddas confirms she’s referring him to Mental Health Services for talking therapy.

Leanne tries to talk to Sam through his locked bedroom door and tells his she gets his pain, but wants to help.

5. New romance for Tyrone?

At a kids party Tyrone meets Isla, who suggests they go for a milkshake with Hope and her daughter Darcy.

While the girls giggle over their milkshakes, Isla flirts and suggest they go for a drink some time.

However when Fiz finds out, she’s annoyed.

6. Abi wants to adopt Jack

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Abi hands Jack a document. She explains she’d like to adopt him if he’s still happy to have her.

But what will Jack say?

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