Coronation Street Ken and Wendy

Coronation Street spoilers: Ken and Wendy get together

Ken and Wendy rekindle their relationship

Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Ken and Wendy get together after deciding to be each other’s companions.

Brian and Mary aren’t happy with Ken’s favouritism of Wendy when rewriting the play, so Ken tries to distance himself from her.

However, when Wendy confronts him, the pair end up having a heart to heart.

How do Ken and Wendy get together in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers?

Coronation Street Ken and Wendy affair
Wendy and Ken had an affair in the 80s (Credit: ITV)

Ken and Wendy’s affair

Wendy and Ken met in the 80s, when Wendy worked as a secretary for Weatherfield Council.

She met Ken when doing work for the Planning Committee, as he was the owner of the Weatherfield Recorder free sheet.

Wendy gave Ken info about the council’s plans which he soon wrote up in the Recorder.

When Ken’s wife, Deirdre, found out that Wendy was leaking information, she was furious and got her fired from her job.

Ken kindly gave Wendy a job at the Recorder, seeing as his wife has just helped her lose her job at the council.

The two began to bond, and eventually shared a kiss when Wendy made Ken a special meal for his birthday, as Deirdre had forgotten to celebrate it with him.

The couple then started an affair.

Deirdre found out and told Ken to pack his bags and leave.

He certainly did that and moved in with his other woman.

However, he soon had regrets about ruining his marriage and ended his relationship with Wendy.

Coronation Street Ken and Wendy talk at home
Ken’s been choosing favourites (Credit: ITV)

Ken makes Wendy the star of the show

In next week’s Coronation Street spoilers, Ken frustrates the cast of the play by giving Wendy a better part.

Ken has been tasked with rewriting some of the play, but Brian soon cottons on to the fact that Ken’s picking his favourites.

Brian suggests that he has given Wendy a better part because he has a crush on her.

Ken assures him that he’s got the wrong end of the stick.

Later on, Brian tells Ken that Mary is considering giving up her part in the play because of Ken’s script.

Feeling bad, Ken tries to please everyone whilst distancing himself from Wendy.

He asks Nigel to take over and work with Wendy on her lines.

However, things don’t go quite to plan as Nigel tells Ken that he wants to ask Wendy out.

Ken gives him the thumbs up and lets him shoot his shot.

Coronation Street Ken and Wendy
They’re an item (Credit: ITV)

Ken and Wendy get together in Coronation Street spoilers

Nigel asks Wendy out, but he lets on that Ken thought of the idea.

Wendy doesn’t know what to think and goes to speak to Ken about it.

The couple have a heart to heart and decide to become each other’s companions.

Wendy decides to give up her part in the play so that the others won’t complain anymore.

The pair are then delighted that they are finally able to be together after all of these years.

But, will everyone be happy for them?

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