Ryan, Daniel and Daisy look worried and upset on Corrie (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy confesses her affair to Daniel as Ryan plots his exit

The truth comes out

Our Coronation Street spoilers for next week can reveal that guilty Daisy confesses her affair with Ryan to Daniel. But with Daniel buying the Rovers in a last-ditch attempt to keep Daisy, how will he react to Daisy’s honesty?

Daniel recently learned about Ryan and Daisy’s affair, after Simon discovered video evidence of their sordid history together. Determined to keep Daisy, Daniel sabotaged Ryan’s Weatherfield gym job – in the hope that he’d leave town with girlfriend Crystal.

But how will he react when Daisy confirms his worst fears?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for this story in full below.

Daniel talks to Daisy on Corrie
Daniel has a surprise for Daisy (Credit: ITV)

Daniel buys the Rovers for guilt-ridden Daisy

Having spoken to the people at Waterfords, Daniel shows Daisy into the now empty Rovers. He suggests that, rather than buying a flat, they buy the pub together.

Later, Jenny and Ken are thrilled to hear that Daisy and and Daniel are buying the pub. But Daisy is shocked and conflicted when Daniel tells her he wants her to officially adopt Bertie next.

What will she do next?

Daniel and Daisy talking at home on Corrie
Guilt-ridden Daisy confesses the truth (Credit: ITV)

Daisy confesses the truth as Ryan twigs on to Daniel

Ryan realises that Daniel knows about him and Daisy when when Daniel makes a snide comment about his gym job. He tells Daisy that he thinks Daniel sabotaged the job – explaining to her about the video.

While Daisy thinks that Ryan may be overthinking things, her guilt gets the better of her as she fills in the adoption forms. She tells Daniel that she and Ryan had an affair.

She attempts to convince Daniel that she’d never cheat again. However, he’s left devastated when she admits that she does love Ryan, but in a different way.

What will Daniel do next?

Daisy and Daniel see Ryan and Crystal in the street on Corrie
Daniel’s on the warpath (Credit: ITV)

Daniel confronts Ryan

The next day, Daisy tells Ryan that Daniel knows everything about their affair. But before Ryan can come clean to Crystal about his one night stand with Daisy, Daniel storms into the Bistro.

As Daniel squares up to his love rival, Ryan and Crystal leave. As Daniel gives pursuit, a fight soon breaks out in the street outside.

Ryan and Crystal walk away, but she tells him prepared to give him another chance. She explains that she’s leaving for Glasgow in two days’ time – and it’s up to him if he wants to go with her.

Who will Ryan choose?

Daniel Proposes To Daisy | Coronation Street

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