Charlie Fairhead in Casualty next to Donna Jackson

Casualty cast 2023: Meet the staff of Holby’s emergency department

Who's who, from iconic Charlie Fairhead to all the new nurses

Casualty fans know the emergency department has never been an easy place to work and Casualty 2023 is no different! It’s stressful and often downright dangerous. But while some staff arrive only for a short while, others stick around and become part of the furniture!

With so much action happening inside the emergency department and on the road with the paramedics, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of who’s who in Casualty.

So here’s our rundown of everyone who’s in the cast in Casualty 2023.

Meet the cast of Casualty 2023

Charlie looks confused in Casualty
Charlie’s been in Casualty since the very beginning (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Charlie Fairhead played by Derek Thompson

Charlie is the backbone of the emergency department at Holby General. He’s been in the show since the very beginning and now, with his credentials as an emergency nurse practitioner making him a vital cog in the machine! He’s no stranger to drama, having lost his partner, Baz, in an accident and almost dying himself several times, including in a siege at the hospital! Charlie got together with Duffy, delighting the fans, but she developed vascular dementia and passed away. Sob!

Dylan Keogh played by William Beck in Casualty
Dylan’s had a difficult past (Credit: BBC)

Dylan Keogh played by William Beck

Doctor Dylan is a recovering alcoholic with a difficult past. He had a messy break up with ex-wife Sam and later had a toxic relationship with Ciara, who he met at an AA meeting. When Connie took a break as clinical director, Dylan filled in but it wasn’t the job for him. Dylan is  a brilliant doctor, but his bedside manner is sometimes lacking!

Iain in Casualty
Iain is a paramedic and very popular with viewers (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Iain Dean played by Michael Stevenson in Casualty 2023

Paramedic Iain used to be in the army – where he had an affair with Dylan Keogh’s wife, Sam. Awks. He was confident when he first arrived at the ED, but he’s struggled with the memories of his past life in the army that working in medicine has brought up. Recently, he’s been involved in helping a victim of modern slavery.

Jan in Casualty
Jan’s been through a lot on her time in the show (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Jan Jenning in Casualty 2023 played by Di Botcher

Paramedic Jan is bolshy and brash, but she’s good at her job and she’s won over the staff at Holby and the Casualty fans, too. She’s had her share of drama though, especially when it comes to her drug addict, prisoner son Ross. She was even once held hostage by a terminally ill lawyer who livestreamed his crime.

Faith in Casualty
Faith is trying to move on with her life (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Faith Cadogen played by Kirsty Mitchell

Faith is an advanced clinical practitioner and the ED always makes good use of her skills! She was married to paramedic Lev Malinovsky but the couple split when Faith discovered her husband was hiding his sexuality and was actually gay. Faith’s trying to move on but it isn’t easy. Especially when she has her kids to think about, including son Luka who’s recovering from cancer.

Rashid Masum played by Neet Mohan

Doctor Rash was involved in drama when he got caught up with a gang, and was kidnapped by members who wanted him to treat their leader. He’s also been bonding with doctor Paige.

Sah in Casualty
Sah is a paramedic (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Sah Brockner in Casualty played by Arin Smethurst

Paramedic Sah is Casualty’s first transgender, non binary character. Sah was shaken when the team were sent to a house where a woman had been dead for months. Sah recently reconnected with their dad.

Stevie in Casualty
Stevie isn’t afraid to speak her mind (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Stevie Nash played by Elinor Lawless

When Stevie’s sister died after an accident – and because of a mistake made in the ED by Ethan – Stevie decided to devote her career to exposing her fellow doctor. But after a tense confrontation – and a dramatic stabbing, where Stevie saved Ethan’s life – the pair managed to work through their differences before Ethan left the hospital.

Paige is a familiar face in the ED now (Credit: BBC)

Paige Allcott played by Shalisha James-Davis

Doctor Paige arrived in the ED with a bang, dressed in a police costume and handcuffed to a petty thief who fell off a balcony, taking Paige with him. She’s currently coping with her mum’s death and hitting it off with Rash.

Teddy in Casualty is played by Milo Clarke
Teddy tried to hide his health problems (Credit: BBC)

Teddy Gowan played by Milo Clarke

Paramedic Teddy has had some health issues that he tried to hide, but despite his best efforts he eventually discovered he was suffering from a heart condition. He’s determined not to let it get in the way of his career.

Max Cristie is wearing scrubs whilst operating in Casualty
Max will cause trouble for Dylan (Credit: BBC)

Nigel Harman as Max Cristie in Casualty 2023

Doctor Max is a new face in the ED in Casualty 2023 and though he’s popular with the patients, not everyone was pleased to see him when he arrived – Max has some past history with Dylan Keogh going all the way back to when they were medical students!

Former EastEnders star Nigel Harman, who plays the “loveable rogue” said he was “honoured and grateful” to be joining Casualty.

Barney Walsh as Cameron in Casualty
Cameron is a newcomer to the ED (Credit: BBC)

New arrivals in Casualty 2023

Cameron played by Barney Walsh

Accident-prone Cameron is a nurse, who’s arriving in the ED in April – as one of the newcomers to Casualty 2023. Cameron is said to be “woefully lacking in self-confidence” so he might struggle in the fast-moving emergency department!

Bradley Walsh is known for his roles in The Larkins and Death in Paradise, and for being the son of Bradley Walsh, who he worked with on the ITV show Breaking Dad.

Jodie Whyte (ANNA CHELL),BBC
Jodie’s always up for a night out (Credit: BBC)

Jodie Whyte played by Anna Chell

Jodie is another ED newcomer to Casualty 2023, looking for a fresh start when she arrives in April. But her plans to put her past behind her in her new job quickly come unstuck. What’s she hiding from? Jodie is a nursing student and it’s said she will struggle to keep her personal life and her professional life apart. We like the sound of that!

Jodie is played by star of The Bay, Anna Chell.

Rida is loyal and strong according to actress Sarah Seggari (Credit: BBC)

Rida Amaan played by Sarah Seggari

“Straight-talking” Rida is another newcomer and the first Hijab-wearing Muslim nurse on Casualty. She seems intimidating at first but will she eventually show her softer side? Sarah Seggari, who plays Rida, is known for I Hate Suzie. She says it is an “honour” to take on the role

Sarah Seggari, Eddie-Joe Robinson, Anna Chell, Barney Walsh, Jaye-Jacobs join Casualty in their nurses scrubs
Ryan is one of the new nurses, alongside familiar face Donna, who returns to the ED (Credit: BBC)

Ryan played by Eddie-Joe Robinson

Banter-loving Ryan is another new nurse on the ward, and is described as “ambitious” and “glory hungry”. So joining the ED might come as a bit of a shock to the cocky young man.

He’s played by Eddie-Joe Robinson, who’s known for his roles in Small Axe and Grantchester.

Returning to Casualty 2023

Donna Jackson played by Jaye Jacobs

Donna’s a familiar face to Holby City fans, and she’s also appeared in Casualty before now as well. Actress Jaye Jacobs is back in the role as her alter-ego Donna returns to Holby to help the ED’s new recruits. We can’t wait to see her again!

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