Viewers mock Will Young’s DREADFUL geography knowledge as he turns weather man

Skirted singer needs a satnav...

The old saying “Stick to your day job” seemed apt when Will Young made his debut as a weather reporter on Sky News today.

The ‘Evergreen’ singer, 38, was appearing on the channel to promote his new LGBT podcast Homo Sapiens, but took a slight detour when he agreed to help Nazaneen Ghaffar describe the day’s forecast.

We’re sure his heart was in the right place – it’s just a shame his hands weren’t.

And when Nazaneen asked Will to point to the Midlands, he seemed to think it was somewhere in the west of Ireland.

Will, who was wearing a skirt, seemed to enjoy hamming it up for the cameo slot, looking like a Nineties raver as he struck a series of hilarious poses with his arms.

And good-sport Nazaneen didn’t seem to think that her position was under threat.

Posting the clip on her Twitter feed, she wrote: “I think my job is safe.”


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Viewers obviously agreed with her assessment, with some taking to Twitter to mock the Pop Idol winner.

One wrote: “Tell him the UK is not in the North Atlantic.”

Another quoted one of Will’s own songs to take a pot shot: “He best just ‘Leave Right Now’ before he falls any deeper into trouble he can’t [get] out of!”

And a third was rather more personal, telling Nazaneen: “You can probably sing better too :-).”

Harsh – while Will might need a satnav, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with his vocal chords!

Will seems to have temporarily hung up his microphone – it’s two years since his last album, 85% Proof – and he’s been appearing on TV quite a bit lately.

Last year, he was one of the contestants on Strictly Come Dancing, but quit the show early citing “personal reasons”.

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And he received his fair share of mockery when he turned up as a judge on the recent BBC talent show Pitch Battle, with one viewer likening an outfit he wore to “Kung Fu Panda”.

So his foray into weather forecasting completes a rather unwanted hat-trick for the Surrey-born star.

Will he ever get it right? As he once sang, anything is possible.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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