Stephanie Davis considers naked photoshoot to celebrate pregnancy

She reckons that she has the pair she's always wanted!

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Pregnant former Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis has revealed that she wants to show off her naked body as she is “a strong, sexy mum to be”.

It has been a stressful 20 weeks of pregnancy for the Celebrity Big Brother star, especially as the father of her child refuses to recognise it.

She had a whirlwind romance with Irish model Jeremy McConnell and Steph claims that he’s the daddy. He’s not so certain.

What is certain though, is that Steph is starting to bloom as her bump takes shape… and she wants to shout about it.

Writing in her blog for OK!, she said that she wanted to strip naked to document her changing body.

She wrote: “I’ve been talking with my management about doing a naked cover shoot. Only if it was the right platform then I would do it – I’d have to do the right way though.”

Despite this stipulation, Steph feels that it would be a fun photoshoot to do.

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She continued: “I think it would be something fun to do, to embrace the changes in my body and the curves, and being pregnant and being proud of it.

“I like the idea of showing off the fact I’m a strong, sexy mum to be.

“My boobs are so big now, I’d actually be more willing to do it because I’ve never had them and now I’ve got a pair I’ve always wanted!

“They’re only going to stay with me while I’m pregnant, so I’d love to capture the moment while they’re real and massive!”

It is fair to say that Steph has had her share of haters and doubters.

For weeks there was speculation that she wasn’t even pregnant!

Steph decided to use her blog to address those that have slated her, saying that it was “really disappointing” that people would say the malicious things they have.

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Writing for OK!, she said: “There’s been some stuff in the media recently that I’ve avoided responding to.

“I’ve kept my dignity throughout and just generally kept quiet.

“However, I will say it is infuriating that people are saying things about my child before he’s even born.

“If anyone knew what I’d been through, they would not be commenting. I find it really disappointing.

“I’m pregnant at the end of the day and I’ve had a hard enough pregnancy as it is, the whole thing is making me panic before my baby is even born, it’s completely out of order.”

Let’s hope that the second half of her pregnancy is a little less fraught than the first.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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