Everything Roman Kemp has said about his mental health and the condition that’ll force him to retire young as he quits Capital radio

Roman is leaving Capital radio

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The One Show host Roman Kemp has been very open about his mental health over the years. He’s also previously opened up about a health condition that he believes will lead to him retiring young.

Here’s everything the 31-year-old has said about his health battles…

Roman Kemp on Loose Women
Roman has quit Capital (Credit: ITV)

Roman Kemp quits Capital Radio

Earlier this week, Roman revealed that he was quitting his role at Capital Radio after spending nearly 10 years with the company.

He released a statement on Monday confirming the news. “This is going to be my last few weeks on Capital. Having spent nearly 10 years with this company it’s not a decision that just happened overnight. And it’s not one that I’ve found easy at all.

“Capital is my family. You as the wonderful listener have been there for me at my best, and you’ve been there at my absolute lowest to pull me back to happiness,” he then said. “Capital and Global Radio helped make me the man I am, it is all I know. But I know it’s now time for me to leave.”

He then asked listeners to text in over the next few weeks. He concluded his statement by saying: “When I started this show I was told to remember it’s like a table at the pub with your friends and one chair is empty so the listener can come and join the laughs.

“Well, now it’s time for me to give my chair at the table to someone else. Lots of love, Ro.”

Roman Kemp
Roman has fronted documentaries about mental health (Credit: BBC)

Roman Kemp talks mental health

Over the years, Roman has been very open about his dealings with his mental health. He even fronted BBC documentaries about mental health and suicide.

Speaking to the BBC last year, Roman opened up about his own struggles with his mental health.

“These are thoughts that I’ve been dealing with in my own head since I was around 15. I guess when I’m in that place where I haven’t taken my meds there’s a part of me that just [thinks] there’s no way out,” he said at the time.

“It’s like there’s five doors in front of you and all of them have cement behind them. You feel trapped. You’ve got no perspective of a way out and it’s a horrible place to be,” he then added.

He then said that he’s always regulated his mental health and depression “pretty well” by taking anti-depressants.

Roman Kemp
Roman says his mental health ‘fluctuates’ (Credit: BBC)

Roman’s mental health ‘fluctuates’

During an interview with The Telegraph last year, Roman admitted he struggles to enjoy life as much as other people.

“I fluctuate a lot. Within the last year, I’ve developed PTSD, which can be triggered from my phone going off, or seeing certain names. I don’t like being around people, or big crowds,” he said.

“You’ll never see a picture of me out and about, drink in hand. That’s not really me. I struggle to enjoy life as much as other people.”

In 2021, Roman admitted that he’d been “close” to attempting suicide after a 13-year battle with depression.

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Roman Kemp on health condition that’ll see him retire ‘early’

Roman has also been very open about a health condition he struggles with – sleep apnoea.

Sleep apnoea is a serious condition where a person’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts when they’re sleeping.

Roman has previously admitted that the condition is so bad that he has to sleep with an oxygen mask on.

“I recently got diagnosed with sleep apnoea, which has been rubbish. My tiredness levels were debilitating, and they said to me it was because of my job and I said this is different,” he told the MailOnline in 2022.

“The doctors told me I must wear an oxygen mask. There is absolutely nothing sexy about going back to Roman Kemp’s house,” he then joked.

“They are expecting candles and mood lighting but they’re getting a Darth Vader impression into an oxygen tank.”

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