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Rachel Riley and Nicola Thorp in twitter row over FGM

Nicola compared the procedure to male circumcision

Countdown presenter Rachel Riley has been dragged into a Twitter row with Coronation Street’s Nicola Thorp over a debate on Female Genetic Mutilation.

The soap star tweeted about male circumcision, asking if it should be equated with FGM.

Nicola Thorp Splash News
Nicola tweeted a question about FGM and male circumcision (Credit: Splash News)

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“Surely we should be calling for a ban on male circumcision (non-medical grounds) as with FGM?” she said.

“What are the arguments against this, if any?”

One of her followers then tagged Rachel in the thread, claiming he’d asked her this in the past.

Rachel objected to the question, calling it “ignorant”.

“Equating the two is outrageous. As is demanding an answer from me. Why on earth would I be obliged to answer such an ignorant question?” she said.

Rachel Riley Instagram
Rachel was dragged in to the debate by one of Nicola’s twitter followers (Credit: Instagram)

Nicola pressed on with her question, saying: “I understand that FGM is carried out to varying degrees by unqualified practitioners for despicable reasons. But on what grounds is (non-essential) male circumcision allowable?”

But Rachel continued to ask why the question should be directed at her, claiming there were other sources of information that would be more relevant.

“Why on earth do you feel this is appropriate to question me on Nicola?” she said.

“Seriously. Think about it. Your ignorance can be cured with Google or asking someone relevant.”

She then went on to highlight some of the horrors of the practice of FGM.

“FGM is an act of violence against girls, that reduces them to a transactional commodity of how much she’s worth to a man ‘pure/virginal’, which pre age 5 in effect means un-raped” she said.

“It often leaves girls with horrendous medical problems, psychological distress & no health benefits.”

Nicola Thorp Instagram
Nicola objected to her question being called “ignorant” (Credit: Instagram)

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She then suggested that Nicola look elsewhere for more information on male circumcision.

“If you want to learn more about the abhorrent practice of FGM, I recommend you follow and engage with the incredible @NimkoAli,” she said.

“If you want to ask about religious male circumcision, ask a rabbi or an imam.

“If you want to morally equate the two, educate yourself, not through me.”

Nicola hit back, saying she was simply trying to find out what the justification was for performing medically unnecessary surgery on a child.

“I’m not morally equating the two at all. I’m a women’s rights activist who is very aware of the abhorrence of FGM.

“I’m simply asking why non-medical male circumcision, without consent of the child, is allowable?” she said.

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor