Phillip Schofield looks concerned as Holly Willoughby talks on This Morning

Phil and Holly urged to ‘be honest’ with audience amid warning about ‘serious damage limitation’

The duo on This Morning have been at the centre of 'fallout' claims

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have been urged to ‘be honest with their audience’ amid the ongoing ‘feud’ claims.

The pair have hosted This Morning together for 14 years. They’ve also shared a close friendship, as the public know well. However, recently, reports claimed that their friendship had ‘cooled’ and that they barely speak any more.

Last week, Phil spoke about his relationship with Holly and branded her his “rock”. He also said they haven’t had an easy time recently. Sources have claimed that things aren’t the same behind the scenes.

Now, a relationship expert has weighed in and suggested how Holly and Phil could mend their friendship if the reports are true.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby hosting This Morning
Phil and Holly have continued hosting This Morning with smiles (Credit: ITV)

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield ‘need to be honest with audience’

Charlotte Ball, Co-founder of Bond The Agency, spoke about Holly and Phil‘s relationship. She told Entertainment Daily!: “Their on-screen partnership seems disingenuous now to those who watch the show given that on-air there is no reference to the ‘feud’, and they are behaving in a friendly, if sometimes awkward, manner towards one another.

This may impact one of their, if not both of their careers negatively.

“This behaviour could also lead the audience to question how genuine these two people are and could ultimately damage the reputations they both have spent years honing, which centred around the perception that they were likeable, as well as relatable individuals. This may impact one of their, if not both of their careers negatively.”

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield pose at ITV Palooza
Reports claim Holly and Phil’s friendship has ‘cooled’ (Credit:

Charlotte then offered some advice. She said: “Both of them will be under the microscope of the press, as well as under much closer scrutiny now for their behaviour, which can cause an immense level of stress.

“There needs to be serious damage limitation done to protect both their brands, if they are to emerge from this with their ‘likeable’ reputations intact and for it to become yesterday’s news.”

She added: “I would recommend that they are honest to a degree with their audience, admit that they are having difficulties but that they wish to work through them and for their privacy to be respected while they do this.

“Then, they should tackle the ‘feud’ in private to come to a resolution.”

Phillip Schofield talks as Holly Willoughby looks down on This Morning
Phil recently called Holly his “rock” (Credit: ITV)

Are Holly and Phil ‘feuding’?

Holly nor Phil have addressed the ‘feud’ rumours. On This Morning this week, the pair have been all smiles and have seemingly shut down any suggestions their friendship has cooled.

Last week, Phil did admit that the last few weeks “haven’t been easy” for them both. Speaking to The Sun, Phil said: “As I have said before, Holly is my rock. We’re the best of friends — as always, she is an incredible support on screen, behind the scenes and on the phone.

“Holly has always been there for me, through thick and thin. And I’ve been there for her. The last few weeks haven’t been easy for either of us. My family went through a real ordeal.”

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Viewers of the show have been divided, with some wanting the pair to be replaced while others are urging them to fix anything going on.

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The duo are expected to be back on screens on This Morning from Monday (May 22).

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