Melanie Sykes Keith Lemon

Melanie Sykes claims she ‘cried all night after Keith Lemon comments’

Sounds just awful!

Melanie Sykes says she was left in floods of tears after Keith Lemon allegedly made disparaging remarks about her on a taping of ITV’s Through The Keyhole.

The model and host, 50, claims that Keith, real name Leigh Francis, repeatedly made offensive comments to her.

Speaking to The Sun, Mel said: “I sat there for a three-hour record and he did all of that stuff to me verbally to entertain the live audience — because it was never going to make the edit of the show, because it was a family, Saturday night show, so he used me to entertain the audience.”

Melanie Sykes Keith Lemon
Melanie Sykes says it was a “terrible” experience (Credit:

What has Melanie Sykes said about Keith Lemon?

She added: “It makes me want to cry right now because I was so caught in the headlights and wasn’t expecting it.”

She claimed she complained directly to ITV, but she was surprised at their response.

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Although she was allowed to give her final say over the edit, a producer allegedly told her she was the first ever celebrity to complain about Keith.

The recording happened back in 2018 and Melanie says it was a “terrible experience”.

This isn’t the first time Melanie has called out the comedian.

Melanie Sykes Keith Lemon
Keith Lemon is known for his crude sense of humour (Credit:

Taking to her online magazine Frank last year, she said she had no idea why Keith Lemon is considered funny.

Here she wrote: “Sadly, in all realms of life, most men are pretty basic and disappointing.

“I feel a bit sorry for British men who have adopted the limited vocabulary of the television character Keith Lemon when talking about and to women.

“I would be surprised, and indeed it would be a miracle, if any of these men are actually getting laid.”

Melanie Sykes Keith Lemon
Melanie complained to ITV about the alleged incident (Credit:

How did Keith Lemon respond to Melanie Sykes?

At the time, Keith went on to claim that he had personally reached out to Melanie about the claims.

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However, he then went onto an Instagram Live to brag about his career achievements.

This included him declaring: “If anyone’s watching and you have a limited vocabulary, you can still win two BAFTAs and two NTAs.

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“I don’t want to boast about all the things I’ve won.”

As of now the comedian has yet to respond to Melanie’s latest accusations.

*ED has contacted Keith Lemon/Leigh Francis’s representative for comment.

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