The McCanns Kate McCann and Gerry McCann both look serious, Julia Wandelt makes her claims on TV

Julia Wandelt ‘in touch’ with detective hired by McCanns as she vows to uncover ‘the truth’

Results of DNA test recently revealed

In latest Madeleine McCann news, Julia Wandelt has told Facebook users she’s ‘in touch’ with the detective hired by the McCanns.

Following her appearance on Dr Phil and also the results of a DNA test which appear to have confirmed Ms Wandelt’s heritage, the Polish woman recently apologised to the parents of missing Maddie.

Posting on a Facebook page with the name of Julia Faustyna, a statement attributed to Wandelt read: “First, I would like you to know that I’m not a liar. I’m not delusional, I’m not attention seeker and I’m not doing it for fame.”

Furthermore, the same lengthy Facebook post noted Julia said she’d contacted authorities her claims spread across social media.

Madeleine McCann wearing a football shirt
Madeleine McCann was three when she vanished while on holiday with her family in Portugal in 2007 (Credit: BBC News YouTube)

Julia Wandelt ‘contacted Mark Williams-Thomas’

Among others, Julia wrote how she got in touch with officials at Scotland Yard. She also says she contacted the Polish Embassies in the UK and Portugal. Additionally, she says she communicated with the English Embassy in Poland and Interpol.

The post also details claims to have contacted police in Portugal, Operation Grange detectives, and also investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas.

The post reads: “I found out he was detective and investigation journalist from UK who wanted to solve this unsolved case.”

This is the reason of my social media’s coming out.

Additionally, it is claimed Mark answered a phone call from Julia. But the call was ended when Julia made an allegation.

Julia’s post continued: “And I made my coming out because nobody wanted to help me. Everyone said that I should go to another place, person from another institution said that I should go to another one. It wasn’t helpful. This is the reason of my social media’s coming out.”

Mark Williams-Thomas during an appearance on This Morning
Mark Williams-Thomas was mentioned in the post (Credit: This Morning YouTube)

‘This is not my final statement’

The Facebook post also indicated Julia does not intend to let matters lie.

“This is not my final statement because I am in touch with private detective who was officially hired by McCann’s family,” the post continued.

She went on: “He is going to find out the truth. I won’t tell you his personal data because I respect his privacy. You don’t have to believe me.”

ED! has contacted representatives for the McCanns, Mark Williams-Thomas and Operation Grange for comment on the Facebook post.

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