Gemma Atkinson looks sad

Pregnant Gemma Atkinson reveals her sadness for daughter Mia as she admits ‘it’s always so hard’

So very poignant for so many families

Pregnant Gemma Atkinson has opened up on Instagram about her sadness for daughter Mia.

Ex-soap star Gemma, 38, indicated to followers it is difficult on their three-year-old – and them – when partner Gorka Marquez has to go away for work.

And many of Gemma’s fans were quick to remark about empathising with the situation as she admitted: “It’s always hard.”

Sharing several images of Strictly pro Gorka and Mia larking about as they made pancakes, Gemma poignantly reflected on their most recent time together as a family.

Gorka Marquez and Gemma Atkinson speak during a TV segment
Gorka Marquez and Gemma Atkinson shared Mia, three, together (Credit: YouTube)

Gemma Atkinson on daughter Mia’s reactions

She wrote: “Papa being home was short and sweet.”

Gemma went on: “Mia is always okay when Gorks is packing and saying bye, but every time, right before he gets in his car she bursts into tears. Then that makes him do the same!

“It’s always hard and I guess something we’re hoping Mia gets used to too.

“I know how it feels missing your dad so I feel for her so much. And I miss her after just one night away so I know it’s hard for Gorka too.”

Gemma also mentioned how other families have to deal with the same – and parents in those instances may be in a different place for greater amounts of time.

It is nice in some ways to know we’re all in it together.

She added: “So many families have similar or partners away for even longer so it is nice in some ways to know we’re all in it together.”

Gorka Marquez looks downwards
Gorka is currently very busy with his Firedance show (Credit: YouTube)

Gorka hails ‘his girls’

Additionally, Gorka also uploaded an Instagram post packed with pics of his brief time with his family.

He captioned them: “24h and a bit at home with my girls.

“Cuddles, food, movies, shopping and Mia asked me to paint her nails.”

Gemma was just one person to react to Gorka’s post, adding a crying laughing emoji and heart emoji to her fond words: “Crammed it all in!”

Gemma Atkinson frowns
‘I miss her after just one night away so I know it’s hard for Gorka too’ (Credit: YouTube)

How Gemma’s fans reacted

But back on Gemma’s post, others – particularly with family links to the military – who recognised what she was describing had emotional reactions.

One person responded to her: “So many families have to do this to survive. Respect to all those parents.”

Another offered some comfort: “I’m not sure if it helps but yes they do get used to it.”

“Mia will get used to it, she’ll grow up and understand it’s his job,” echoed somebody else.

And yet another person chipped in with the stirring remark: “We never made a big deal of goodbyes, I always played it down and it worked.”

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