Loose Women fans demand much-loved ITV drama make a comeback after cast reunion

Bad Girls was brilliantly trashy!

A couple of weeks ago, Susie Amy appeared on Loose Women alongside her old Footballers Wives co-star Gary Lucy.

Their TV reunion sparked a desire from viewers for the show to return to our screens.

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Sadly we are still waiting.

Today Loose Women did another telly team up when it reintroduced Claire King and Debra Stephenson, former stars of women’s prison drama Bad Girls.

After they told stories about Fizz Friday – when the girls would nip off to Tesco for a bag of wine and drink while they shot scenes for the show – the two girls admitted that if the show was brought back, they would jump at the chance.

“I probably would. It was such good fun,” Claire, who played prison guard Karen Betts, said.

She went onto say that she had a blast filming the camp series.

“You would think it would be a nightmare with women trapped in an area for eight months,” she said. “but we made it work.”

Debra Stephenson, who played prisoner Shell Dockley, also said that she “would do it.”

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However the impressionist said that while she’d be happy to return to a series like Bad Girls, she wouldn’t fancy returning to her old job on Corrie.

“I don’t think I can see myself going back to Coronation Street. The work schedule on that is relentless,” she said of the show that will soon see actors shooting six episodes a week.

“Doing a drama like Bad Girls is a bit different.

Fans were thrilled with their appearance and many said they’d love the show to come back.

One fan summed up the general feeling when they wrote: “Time for a #BadGirls revival Debra Stephenson and Claire King said they would on Loose Women.

And many others expressed their desire for the show’s return on Twitter too.

ITV…. over to you.

Christian Guiltenane
Freelance Writer

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