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Expert reveals three chilling Madeleine McCann theories as police end search of reservoir

"I think ultimately she will be found," the expert said

A forensic expert has revealed three chilling Madeleine McCann theories about the missing toddler. As the police officers wrapped up their such of a remote Portuguese reservoir, he has suggested that Madeleine “will be found”.

The search came about following ‘credible’ information about Maddie’s disappearance this week, regarding the reservoir which is a favoured location of German rapist Christian Brueckner. He is the lead suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance, and currently in prison for his prior crimes.

Fresh searches were underway in the Algarve as German and German police forces acted upon evidence. This apparently points to Brueckner as the perpetrator – and the reservoir as Madeleine’s final resting place.

But what evidence do the police have on Brueckner?

Madeleine McCann
The toddler disappeared in 2007 (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Forensic expert reveals three Madeleine McCann theories

Last year, German authorities charged Brueckner with several sex crimes in the Algarve. This included the rape of a holiday rep in 2004, and the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl.

German prosecutor Christian Wolters said: “What we hope to find there should remain our secret for the moment. If we should find something then we will certainly tell you about it.”

Speaking to The Mirror, forensics expert Doctor Robert Green OBE speculated on the case. He was unable to pinpoint exactly why the police have decided to carry out these searches now. But he was able to put forward three theories.

Theory One: Photographic evidence

“The evidence they say they have against Christian B. could be photographic evidence in sort of posing with the body afterwards,” Doctor Green said, suggesting that there may be a picture of Brueckner, implicating himself in the crime.

Madeleine McCann divers are searching a reservoir
German and Portuguese police are working together to search a reservoir in Algarve (Credit: Sky News/YouTube)

Theory Two: Christian B. betrayed after confessing crime

Doctor Green’s second theory is that someone may have given Brueckner’s name to the police. “It could be some information they’ve got from other people who pointed to him as the offender – he could have confessed to someone either in prison or outside,” said Doctor Green.

Madeleine McCann looking at the camera in image on ITV News
The Mirror’s forensic expert believes that Madeleine ‘will be found’ (Credit: ITV News/YouTube)

Theory Three: Christian B’s fingerprints found at the scene

Doctor Green’s third theory is that police may have already found Brueckner’s DNA or fingerprints at the scene of the crime. “They could have actually found his fingerprints or traditional biometrics at the scene of the murder years ago,” he continued.

“I think ultimately she will be found and I hope they find her alive,” Doctor Green said. He went on to talk about how genetic genealogy could be the key to the case.

“If I were to advise anyone to do anything it would be to look at the genetic profile of Madeleine – look at the case of Joseph James DeAngelo,” he said. This refers to a case in which scientists used genetic genealogy to identify the murderer of 13 people in America.

“I can’t help but think there’s a science-led approach to this as well as the traditional, more reactive unit,” Doctor Green continued.

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