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5 explosive fan theories after episode two of Channel 5’s The Inheritance

So many questions!

The second episode of Channel 5 drama The Inheritance ended on a huge cliffhanger last night (Monday, September 11).

The action follows three grown siblings as they reel from the news their father had secretly married – and passed their inheritance on to his new wife – before his death.

But was he intentionally killed?

We honestly don’t know where the storyline is headed – everyone is shady! But with so many questions to be answered, here are all the theories…

Larry Lamb in The Inheritance on Channel 5
Larry Lamb stars in the new drama (Credit: Channel 5)

What is Channel 5 drama The Inheritance about?

The Inheritance is a four-part drama about a family left reeling following the shock death of their father, Dennis. To make matters worse for kids Daniel, Sian, and Chloe, their father has changed his will, leaving everything to his new wife, Susan.

Unsurprisingly, Dennis’ children are not happy about this. Soon, suspicions of foul play in their father’s death emerge. The siblings then embark on a journey to figure out whether their father’s death was an accident, or down to murder.

Gavin & Stacey star Larry Lamb plays the role of Dennis, whilst Samantha Bond plays his newly widowed wife, Susan. Adil Ray, Gaynor Faye, Robert James-Collier and Jemima Rooper also star.

Cast of The Inheritance
What happened to the sibling’s father? (Credit: Channel 5)

Theories about Channel 5 drama The Inheritance

1. The children are involved

The new drama has left viewers with a number of questions – mainly, was Larry Lamb‘s character’s death an accident? Or was he murdered?

Some viewers believe that Dennis’ children are “dodgy” and have something to do with their father’s death and are all working against each other.

“The three kids are all dodgy. Just give the money to Susan,” one viewer tweeted.

“The three siblings are secretly all against each other,” another said.

“Has one of them [the siblings] set up a wife who doesn’t exist to get their hands on all the money?” a third speculated.

However, another viewer doesn’t think that’s the case. “It’s not going to be any of the siblings, that would be too obvious,” one viewer said.

2. Son-in-law Pete has something to do with the death

“I’m guessing the son-in-law [Adil Ray’s character] or the ‘estate agent’ that’s if he really is an estate agent,” one viewer added, pointing the finger Nathan’s way (more on him later!).

“The Adil Ray character is definitely involved,” another declared.

“I reckon it’s the son-in-law,” a third said. “I don’t trust the son-in-law,” another said.

3. Dennis’ new wife is guilty

Other viewers believe that Samantha Bond‘s Susan is to blame.

New wife is too pantomime villainy (is that a word?). I can’t believe she married just for love,” one viewer said. 

To back the idea up that Susan is a little bit dodgy, another believes that she never left her first husband, married Dennis, and is now transferring the funds from his will to her “ex”.

“New wife and Michael are in it together, she fake left him, married Dennis for his shillings, transferred them to former hubs without anyone’s knowledge and they’re eventually gonna get back together with money the grabby kids can’t touch,” they wrote.

Another suggested that Susan may not be his wife at all. “Did he have a secret wife? Or is she just good at forging his signature?” one viewer asked.

Samantha Bond
Is Susan behind Dennis’ death? (Credit: Channel 5)

4. The estate agent isn’t who he says he is…

Other viewers believe Nathan is Susan’s son, in another plot twist that she’s up to something! “Is the estate agent Susan’s son?” one viewer tweeted.

“He’s probably Susan’s son,” another said. “I reckon the estate agent is the son of the new wife,” a third wrote.

“The estate agent is definitely not an estate agent,” another said.

5. Chloe isn’t as innocent as she seems

Other viewers believe that Chloe knows a lot more than she’s letting on. Could she be hiding some major secrets?

“Chloe is keeping secrets from Pete,” one viewer tweeted. “I’m wondering if Chloe actually killed her dad as she seems the quieter one,” another speculated.

“I’m thinking the youngest daughter Chloe [did it]. She seems a bit more innocent than the other two,” a third wrote.

“Chloe has had loads of cash from her dad that she doesn’t want her siblings to know???” another theorised.

With only two episodes left, answers will surely be coming thick and fast very soon!

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The Inheritance continues on Channel 5 and My5 on Monday, September 18 at 9pm. 

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