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They’re on telly so frequently, ITV viewers probably reckon the quizzing titans on The Chase and Beat the Chasers must be raking it in. But how much do they earn from each episode of The Chase?

And how much are they all worth?

Here are more details about the reported net worths of the likes of Anne Hegerty, Shaun Wallace, Jenny Ryan and more…

The Chase stars line up
Anne Hegerty has previously given insight into how much The Chase stars earn on the show (Credit: ITV)

The Chase and Beat the Chasers: How much do the ITV stars get paid?

Speaking in a YouTube interview a couple of years ago, The Governess star Anne shared a little inside info as to how The Chase stars are paid on the gameshow.

She revealed on the Lewis Nicholls Show that the game show’s characters receive a flat fee for their appearances.

Asked about her feelings about a new Chaser joining up around the time Darragh Ennis came aboard, Anne reflected: “A lot of the public imagine that we are on the same sort of deal that Hollywood stars were in the 1930s. They got paid a salary per month, per year. They were salaried employees of the studio and they’d find them things to do for that salary. That isn’t actually how it works.”

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Bradley Walsh’s availability can affect pay, Anne has previously suggested (Credit: YouTube)

Anne went on: “The Chasers and Bradley Walsh get paid a flat fee for every show that we do. So any show that I’m doing is a show for which I’m being paid and the other Chasers aren’t. And that applies to all of us.”

She explained: “If you’re going to divide the shows by six rather than five, then do the maths. And it’s excellent if it means we get a bigger order of shows, then everyone’s money goes up.

Everyone’s money goes up.

“The problem is that Bradley is so in demand, is so good. He’s so superb at everything he does and he can do so many things. And so of course he’s massively in demand. And there’s about 10 other things he’s doing beside the daytime Chase.”

Beat the Chasers stars’ ‘net worths’

However, while Anne didn’t disclose the range of payments, other reports have previously speculated about each star’s net worth.

Bradley, for instance, is one of telly’s most in-demand stars. Among the projects he’s taken on over the last couple of years have been The Larkins and Blankety Blank.

Subsequently, he is estimated to have a net worth of £20 million, with claimed assets worth £12.5 million.

Additionally, it was reported in 2018 that he’d earned £9.2 million in the previous two years. That’s certainly more than The Chase contestants play for in the final round.

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Mark Labbett has been on The Chase since 2009 (Credit: YouTube)

Who is the ‘richest’ Chaser?

‘The Beast’ Mark Labbett is, along with Shaun Wallace, the longest-serving quizzer on The Chase. His appearances since 2009 have afforded him international fame and – according to reports – wealth of £1.4 million.

‘The Dark Destroyer’ Shaun, meanwhile, has also had a career as a lawyer and a lecturer. He is said to have a net worth of £5 million.

And Anne, who was on I’m A Celebrity in 2018, is said to be worth £3.29 million according to

Paul Sinha smiles for the camera
Paul Sinha’s wealth has been speculated about (Credit: ITV)

Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha is also a comedian. But his reported net worth of £1 million is no joke.

‘The Vixen’ Jenny Ryan joined the series in 2015 is said to be worth between £2.8 million and £3.2 million.

Darragh Ennis smiles
Darragh is the show’s newest Chaser (Credit: YouTube)

And numerous sites have speculated about the net worth of Darragh Ennis – known as ‘The Menace’ – with various guesses from unsubstantiated online sources putting his wealth between thousands and nearly £2 million.

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