Jason Watkins on the red carpet

The Catch: Jason Watkins fans rally as he shares irate tweet – ‘I was a victim of crime’

He's had his phone pinched…

Jason Watkins, star of upcoming drama The Catch, has shared an irate tweet revealing he’s been a “victim of crime”.

The actor shared the news on Twitter yesterday (January 18), causing his army of fans to rally round.

While it’s not 100% clear what happened, the TV favourite admitted that he was “beyond furious” over the way he was subsequently treated.

Jason Watkins on the red carpet
The Catch star Jason Watkins is livid after becoming a ‘victim of crime’ (Credit: Splash News)

The Catch star Jason Watkins ‘victim of crime’

Jason shared the tweet after having his phone stolen.

His anger was aimed at network O2, after a visit to one of its London stores.

He said: “What is it about @O2?

Yet another waste of time at Tottenham Court Road Store.”

He continued: “I was a victim of crime and had my phone stolen.

“I bought ALL my details with me in the one hour I have today to sort it. Still they could not help.”

He finished the tweet by admitting: “I am beyond furious!”

Jason’s fans were quick to rally round, with many showing concern and asking if he was okay.

“Gosh, hope you’re okay,” tweeted one.

Jason responded: “Thank you. Am a bit rattled as you my see. It happened a couple of days ago. I need my iPhone so much for work this week.

“Doing press for #TheCatch and #charity work too. Son’s birthday etc. SO cross @02 have let me down.”

Jason finally given help

O2 did reply and told him: “Hi Jason, we’re sorry to hear this. Please drop us a DM, we want to help.”

As fans continued to comment, Jason replied: “I am DM ing with them. There is NO flexibility and no humanity in some services.

“Sounds crazy I know – but if we cant connect and talk to each other and be the reasonable human beings we are – then we are missing the whole point.

“Rant over,” he declared.

As fans told the actor they were glad he was finally being helped, he then took to Twitter to reveal that he “hated” himself for how that help had came about.

Someone said it was “a shame” he had to tweet to get some assistance and he responded: “I know and now hate myself because it’s only that I’m on TV that someone is helping me.”

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