All the signs that these four MAFS UK couples have split

Have these couples called time on their marriages?

It’s inevitable that some of the MAFS UK 2023 couples will split up come the end of the series. But the end of the series is a long way away, so we’re not going to know for a while.

Enter social media. Thanks to some digging, we’ve found some signs that these Married At First Sight UK couples have already split up – it’s just they haven’t announced it yet…

Terence and Porscha on MAFS UK 2023
Terence and Porscha have split, I think (Credit: E4)

Have MAFS UK 2023 stars Porscha and Terence split?

There is no chance at all, ever, that Terence and Porscha will still be together by the end of the series. They literally fell out over a spoon. I mean…

Porscha hasn’t exactly hidden the fact that she and Terence aren’t together anymore on Instagram either.

Posting snaps from her wedding last week, Porscha failed to tag her new hubby. Or mention him. At all.

In another post last week, Porscha shared a snap of herself on her wedding day – and if the caption doesn’t hint that they’re not together anymore, then I don’t know what does.

“Watching it back [the show] yes I can see everything you all are pointing out, all the red flags the viewers can see but you must remember at the time I can only see and hear what is being told to me not what is being said to others or behind my back!” she said. Awkward.

Terence, on the other hand, doesn’t have any pictures of Porscha on his timeline at all.

Neither Terence nor Porscha follow each other on Instagram either. That speaks volumes.

Shona and Brad
Shona and Brad’s bubble looks set to burst (Credit: E4)

Shona and Brad

It’s been perfect for Brad and Shona so far. Too perfect. Far too perfect.

However, judging by the trailers for tonight’s episode (Monday, October 2), there is trouble on the horizon for the loved-up couple. The couple look set to fall out after it was revealed that Brad branded his new wife “naive”. (I did say it was too good to be true).

Looking at Shona’s Instagram, you’d be fooled into thinking that all was well and good for the couple. The 31-year-old bride has uploaded a number of loved up snaps with Brad over the last few week. However, dig deeper and all is not as it seems.

Shona doesn’t follow Brad on Instagram. And guess what? Brad doesn’t follow her either.

In fact, Brad doesn’t have a single snap of Shona on his Instagram profile. In fact, he has purposely cropped his wife out of some pictures.

He does follow a number of other brides from the show though…

Thomas and Rozz on MAFS UK 2023
Thomas and Rozz have had a rocky start (Credit: E4)

Rozz and Thomas

Rozz and Thomas are an odd one. I initially thought they wouldn’t last, then I thought they would, but now I don’t think they will.

Things came to a head during Thursday night’s episode (September 28) of the show when Thomas revealed that they had slept together. However, consummating the marriage didn’t seem to ignite the spark the couple were hoping for.

A quick look on Rozz and Thomas’ Instagrams shows that the couple seem to be on good terms, however, I don’t think they’re still together.

Neither can be seen wearing their wedding rings in any of the photos uploaded. Also, judging by Thomas’ Instagram post last week, it doesn’t seem as though things ended happily for them.

The E4 star explained why he was upset during the commitment ceremony. “It’s the situation that upset me, not Rozz. But it wasn’t only me that was upset – so was she. She was honest with me about how she felt. So if you haven’t already, go send @rozzdarlington your love. I’m looking forward to you all seeing how great she is.”

Taking to the comment section, Rozz said: “We will get better at communicating one day. Always appreciating you Tom.”

“And you. I’ll always have your back,” he replied.

Sounds to me like they’re just friends now, which is nice, but a shame that it doesn’t seem to have worked out.

MAFS UK 2023 stars Ella and Nathanial have split for sure…

This one is a given, thanks to Nathanial’s bombshell interview a couple of weeks back. The 36-year-old revealed that he had quit the show early after producers turned Ella into a “monster”.

“I felt I was being strangled and it brought out an ugly side of me. I knew I was going to tear the place down, so I quit,” he told the Mirror.

Nathanial has only posted about Ella once on his profile – praising her for her bravery when she came out as trans to their fellow castmates.

However, he has repeatedly hit out on his story – recently hitting back at claims that his issue with Ella was a “trans issue”.

Nathanial doesn’t follow Ella on Instagram, nor does she follow him. Awkward…

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MAFS UK continues tonight (Monday, October 2) at 9pm on E4 and Channel 4. 

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