Adrian Dunbar in first episode of Ridley

Ridley viewers deliver verdict on new drama as they make same complaint

The first episode aired on Sunday night

Ridley, starring Adrian Dunbar, began on ITV last night and viewers have delivered their verdicts.

The new ITV drama follows Adrian’s character ex Inspector Detective Ridley as he comes out of retirement to assist on an unsolved missing person case.

The first episode on Sunday night (August 28) showed Ridley being called on by his ex-colleague DI Carol Farman after a local farmer was found dead.

Adrian Dunbar and Bronagh Waugh in Ridley
Ridley began last night and viewers were divided (Credit: ITV)

Ridley on ITV

DI Farman – played by Bronagh Waugh  – asked Ridley to assist on the missing person’s case that has remained unsolved after 13 years.

Ridley had suspected that the wrong man was tried for Hannah Lindsay’s abduction.

The series will see Ridley enticed out of retirement and into his former role to solve cases.

Following the first episode on Sunday evening, viewers have been sharing their thoughts.

Adrian Dunbar looking serious in Ridley
Adrian plays ex Inspector Detective Ridley in the drama (Credit: ITV)

Many loved the drama and couldn’t wait for the next episode.

One person said on Twitter: “Enjoyed the first episode of #Ridley. Love Adrian Dunbar!”

Another wrote: “Love a good police drama like these. Especially 2 hour ones like Vera. #Ridley.”

A third added: “Absolutely loving @ITV new drama #Ridley love everything #AdrianDunbar does, great casting.”

However, many people thought it was “slow”.

Adrian Dunbar as ex Inspector Detective Ridley singing in drama
Some viewers thought the drama was too “slow” (Credit: ITV)

One commented: “Had high expectations from #Ridley but I’m finding it a bit slow so far.”

Another tweeted: “#Ridley. Too slow, very plodding. Going to bed.”

One said: “#ridley note to writers… start with something interesting and get the viewers attention… this is so slow.”

Meanwhile, last night’s episode saw Adrian show off his singing skills and viewers were impressed.

His character Ridley sang in a local jazz bar.

YouTube video player

As they watched the scene, one viewer said: “Enjoyed Adrian Dunbar singing on #Ridley.”

“Who knew Adrian Dunbar had such a lovely singing voice?” another tweeted.

Is Adrian Dunbar actually singing in Ridley?

Adrian does actually sing in the drama.

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One of the show’s co-creators Paul Thomas Anderson explained: “It was down to Adrian – he’s a great singer, he loves music and he recently seemed to work well in that jazz element.”

Ridley continues on ITV, Sunday September 4 at 8pm.

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Associate Editor (News)

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