Fiona Bruce under fire for ‘offensive’ comment to Question Time guest: ‘Should make a public apology’

Fiona Bruce has been criticised on social media...

Fiona Bruce has sparked criticism over a comment she aimed at a Question Time guest last night (February 29).

The show host has been slammed by viewers for the remark to the member of the audience. Fiona is now being urged to make a public apology.

The comment was made during a debate of the topic ‘should everyone have the right to express their opinion even if others find it unpalatable?’. Fiona then threw out the debate to the live audience.

Fiona Bruce hosting Question Time
The blunder happened on last night’s Question Time (Credit: BBC)

Fiona Bruce on Question Time

The presenter chose a woman sat at the back of the live audience and asked for her thoughts. Fiona stated: “Yes at the very back, there’s two people, you’ve got sunglasses on, I know these lights are bright, I didn’t know they were that bright! But anyway off you go.”

The audience member quickly corrected Fiona with the reply: “I promise I have a licence to wear these, they’re not sunglasses.”

Fiona then chuckled: “Oh forgive me, forgive me.”

Although some viewers praised the way the audience member handled the mortifying moment, others couldn’t help but focus on Fiona’s comment.

Woman sat in Question Time audience wearing prescription sunglasses for a visual impairment
Some social media users praised the Question Time guest due to the way she handled the comment (Credit: Question Time / BBC)

Question Time on BBC

One wrote: “Fiona Bruce should make a public apology for mocking a VI/blind lady for wearing sunglasses in the studio.”

They then added: “As someone who is registered blind with extreme light sensitivity I find it offensive.”

As someone who is registered blind with extreme light sensitivity I find it offensive.

A second fumed: “I didn’t like how Fiona Bruce made the comment about the sunglasses and the lady had to explain that there was a reason for them.”

Fiona Bruce pointing at audience on Question Time wearing a blue blazer
Fiona has been slammed for the comment (Credit: Question Time / BBC)

Another claimed: “Fiona Bruce just picked someone in the crowd on Question Time and outed her for wearing sunglasses.”

Other viewers praised the guest’s stance on the topic, as one said: “The lady wearing her prescription glasses wipes the floor with the labour panelist! Well done. spoke so so well despite Fiona Bruce mocking her eyewear.”

Another agreed: “This lady spoke so much sense.”

However one social media user did defend Fiona, stating: “I have no time for Fiona Bruce but I think this was a genuine mistake and I didn’t feel she was mocking her.”

Fiona’s Question Time controversies

This isn’t the first time Fiona has offended viewers with her comments. The star came under fire for her comments about Stanley Johnson. Fiona had made a comment about reports surroundning Stanley, stating that: “Stanley Johnson has not commented publicly on that. Friends of his have said it did happen, it was a one-of.” It came in the wake of allegations that Stanley once broke his ex-wife’s nose.

Fiona later apologised on the following installment of the programme. She said: “Last week on Question Time, I was required to legally contextualise a question about Stanley Johnson.

“Those words have been taken as an expression of my own opinions which they are absolutely not, and as a minimising of domestic abuse, which I would never do.

“I know survivors of domestic abuse have been distressed by what I was required to say on-air. For that, I am deeply sorry. I cannot change what I was required to say, but I can apologise for the very real impact that I can see it has had.”

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