Pooch Perfect on BBC One

Pooch Perfect divides BBC viewers as some brand it ‘dreadful’ and others ‘joyous’

Hosted by actress Sheridan Smith

Pooch Perfect started on BBC One last night and left viewers divided, with some branding the show a “terrible” idea and others praising it.

During the first heat stage of the dog grooming competition, host Sheridan Smith had the first four hopefuls work on a long-haired shih-tzu.

Later, they had free rein to give four canines teddy bear trims before they paraded along a ‘dogwalk’ while their owners got a close look at their handywork.

Pooch Perfect started on BBC One last night (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say about Pooch Perfect?

On Twitter, a number of those watching at home took issue with the concept of the programme, which they felt turned dogs into “fashion items”.

One said: “I love Sheridan Smith but I’m not so sure that I love people who don’t accept that their dogs are… dogs. Not a fan of turning them into accessories or fashion items.”

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Another fumed: “This show is [bleeping] wrong on so many levels.”

Some BBC viewers didn’t like Pooch Perfect (Credit: BBC)

A third, who also had a problem with Sheridan’s presenting style, tweeted: “A truly dreadful idea. Sheridan Smith comes across as so insincere.”

A fourth wrote: “Saw the ad for #poochperfect with Sheridan Smith, decided there and then it looked a terrible show and to avoid at all costs… seems I was right…”

ED! contacted the BBC for comment.

BBC viewers praise ‘joyous’ new show

However, not everyone felt that way as some called it “joyous” viewing and said they “absolutely loved” watching.

“I’ve had it with news. I’m watching #PoochPerfect with a pot of tea. It’s joyous,” said one fan.

Sheridan Smith is the host of the new dog-grooming competition (Credit: BBC)

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Someone else tweeted: “Absolutely loved #PoochPerfect, all the dogs were gorgeous and @Sheridansmith1 you were the perfect host along with your furry four-legged friend. Fab TV, can’t wait to see it next week #lovedogs.”

Another said: “@Sheridansmith1 #PoochPerfect absolutely loved the program, at last something to watch with all the family, and the doggies are all so cute. Thanks, Sheridan.”

Warning! Episode one spoilers ahead.



What happened in Pooch Perfect?

In the first episode of Pooch Perfect, Kelly and Kara got through to the quarter finals.

Kara broke down in tears over the result.

And Sheridan also got emotional, as she demanded: “Why am I crying? I shouldn’t be crying!”


– Pooch Perfect continues on Thursday (January 14) at 8pm on BBC One

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor