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MAFS Australia 2024 fans left gobsmacked over best man’s ‘disgusting’ speech: ‘Worst I have heard’

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MAFS Australia 2024 is already making waves in the UK, especially after a questionable wedding speech.

Fans of the show are even dubbing the wedding guest’s antics ‘crude’. As the show airs for its second run, but this time in the UK, Brits are getting to know a brand new line-up, on the hunt for love.

On Monday night (February 26), MAFSA viewers were introduced to one of the show’s first couples: Tim, an E-commerce marketer, and Sara, a nutritionist. But what happened at their wedding for viewers to raise their eyebrows?

Sara wasn't impressed with Tim's best man's wedding speech
Sara on her wedding day (Credit: Channel 4 / Married At First Sight Australia)

MAFS Australia 2024

In last night’s episode, viewers saw Tim and Sara’s wedding get off to a good start, before quickly hitting the rocks when the speeches started. However, the wedding speech that left viewers gobsmacked wasn’t actually carried out by Tim – it was instead about him and exposed some pretty awkward details.

Tim’s best man, Ben, described Tim as a ‘man of science’ before sharing some uncomfortable quips.

He said: “I was not surprised to hear that Tim was partaking in this experiment, because Tim is a man of science. He’s quite fond of experimentation.”

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Ben went on to describe some pretty gory experiments that left Sara far from swooning. Many of them were edited out. However, after one sexual experiment comment, Sara and her friends labelled the speech as “disgusting” and “derogatory” – uh-oh!

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MAFS Australia 2024 fans hit back

But Sara and her loved ones weren’t the only people left unimpressed. MAFSA fans were just as turned off, with plenty taking to social media to share their thoughts. One wrote: “Yeah, no, this is by far the absolute worst best man’s speech I’ve ever heard, that was absolutely disgusting.”

Another fumed: “Golden rule – if you’re gonna be crude, you betta be funny as well.”

This is by far the absolute worst best mans speech I’ve ever heard.

Another third:”Think I’m missing something. I understand it’s common/tradition to have some jokes in best man’s speech, but at what point did it become tradition to turn it into a roast, a seriously offensive one at that!”

A fourth added: “Worst best man speech I have heard omg who was CLAPPING?”

MAFS Australia 2024 star Tim at his wedding dinner
Tim looked unimpressed by the speech (Credit: Channel 4 / Married At First Sight Australia)

Ben claps back

Tim’s best man Ben has since been on an Australian podcast named So Dramatic! to defend his behaviour. He said: “Everyone clapped and cried. And Sara was [even] tearing up because it was so heartfelt… I thought people really enjoyed it, and there was definitely applause, which we didn’t hear [in the final edit].”


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