Gladiators star Legend on show

Gladiators star accused of ‘cheating’ by angry player as referee forced to step in: ‘He had to cheat to beat me’


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A Gladiators 2024 player was left fuming “are you kidding me” as he accused Legend of cheating during a challenge.

The hit BBC show returned for another instalment on Saturday night (February 24) with Bradley and Barney Walsh back at the helm.

However, things took an awkward turn when a challenge was halted following a ‘rule break.’

Gladiators star and Bradley Walsh on show
The player was not happy with Legend (Credit: BBC)

Gladiators 2024 kicks off as player left fuming

During the episode gladiators Viper, Phantom, Legend and Giant took part in the infamous Gauntlet challenge.

Before the game started Viper and Red team competitor Jake had to be forced apart. The Gladiator was fuming with Jake for outrunning all of the athletes in a previous challenge.

But as the latest Gladiators round kicked off, all hell broke loose as Legend reportedly broke a rule.

Gladiators star Legend
Legend was accused of ‘cheating’ (Credit: BBC)

Player accuses Gladiators 2024 legend of ‘cheating’

In the challenge, Jake made it into the third zone. But Legend still continued to push him back. He managed to complete the challenge pretty quickly – but he was not too happy.

“I did it in nine seconds last time, I blame Legend for this one,” he fumed, while speaking to The Chase host Bradley. “He had to cheat to beat me, are you kidding?” Jake proclaimed.

Gladiators stars and Bradley Walsh on show
The referee had to step in and share his thoughts (Credit: BBC)

Gladiators 2024 referee gives his verdict

Legend then stormed over to the camera. Meanwhile the referee gave his official verdict. He said: “When Jake left Legend’s zone, Legend carried on to fight Jake, so therefore…”

However, he was unable to finish what he was saying as Legend interrupted. He exclaimed: “The entire gauntlet is my zone, that’s what you told me! I’ve been told I can go [anywhere], I’ve got free roll.”

The audience then started to boo the gladiator as the referee argued back. He said: “Legend. You’ve lost twice, better luck next time!” Bradley couldn’t help but make a dig as he ordered: “Back in line Legend.”


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Entertainment Daily has contacted the BBC for comment.

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