Val Pollard’s Emmerdale journey: From 2004 to tragic 2015 death

Val was married to Eric

Val Pollard was in Emmerdale from 2004 until 2015. She later made an appearance in 2017. But how did the character die?

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap (Monday, February 15) Diane Sugden mentioned working with her sister Val and how that didn’t go smoothly.

But who was Val and when was she in Emmerdale?

Who was Val Pollard in Emmerdale?

Val Pollard first appeared in Emmerdale in 2004, when she was known as Val Lambert. During her time in the soap, she became involved in many big storylines.

Shortly after her arrival it was revealed that Val had an affair with Diane’s ex-husband Rodney Blackstock many years before and he was the father of Val’s son Paul.

Val is Diane’s sister (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2008, Val married Eric Pollard. In 2010, teenager Amy Wyatt turned up in the village and the couple fostered her.

However in 2011, Amy gave birth to a baby boy, which came as a shock to Eric and Val as they had no idea she was pregnant.

Soon afterwards Val and Eric split as she blamed him for encouraging Amy to put her son, Kyle, up for adoption.

Val went off to Portugal and whilst she was away Eric got into a relationship with Brenda.

However when Val returned, it was revealed she had a fling with a man named Ian and contracted HIV.

How did Val die?

In 2015, Val helped Carly Hope and her dad Bob commit fraud in order for Carly to keep possession of David’s shop, as he emigrated to Portugal.

Brenda and Eric were furious with Val and Brenda called the police leading to Val and Bob being arrested.

However Carly fled the village and escaped arrest.

Val contracted HIV (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Val realised there was too much evidence against her and would need to plead guilty in court. However she decided to plead not guilty, causing Eric to suffer a heart attack.

Val soon came up with the idea to fake her own death in order to escape her prison sentence and her body wont be found as she and Eric will have started a new life abroad.

When Diane found out about her sister’s plan, the two women fell out. Eric Rodney and Doug locked them in the hall of mirrors at the village summer fair to get them to talk.

Val was killed off in 2015 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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However, an explosion caused a helicopter to crash into Debbie Dingle and Peter Barton’s wedding reception in the village hall. The crash also caused the neighbouring hall of mirrors to collapse, trapping Val and Diane.

When emergency services came in, Val urged them to save Diane first.

However Val saw a shard of glass was going to fall on her and lit a cigarette. She shouted at the glass, saying she’s strong due to her illness.

But a few seconds later it fell onto Val, killing her.


Who played Val?

Charlie and Elizabeth Estensen, who plays Diane (Credit:

Val was played by actress Charlie Hardwick.

Did Val return from the dead?

Although Val died in 2015, her character made an appearance in 2017, appearing as a ghost in Robert Sugden’s dream.

What is Charlie Hardwick up to now?

After leaving Emmerdale, Charlie continued acting.

In 2017 she appeared in a TV film called Walls & Bridges.

Sue Harp Charlie Hardwick Ackley Bridge
Charlie played Sue in Ackley Bridge (Credit: Channel 4)

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Between 2017 and 2018 she played Maude in TV series Different for Girls.

In 2019, she joined the cast of Ackley Bridge playing Sue Carp and last year, she played Sheila in The Accidental Medium.

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