Cain Dingle’s family: Emmerdale character’s children and their mothers revealed

Cain has reunited with a couple of long-lost kids over the years

Cain Dingle in Emmerdale is many things, but he’s also a dad… how many kids does he have and who are they?

In tonight’s episode of the soap (Wednesday, February 10) Amy said to Cain that Matty told her how much he enjoys being a dad.

But how many children does Cain have altogether and who are their mothers?

Emmerdale: How many children does Cain have and who are they?

Cain has four children altogether. He is also has three stepchildren.

His oldest child is his daughter Debbie Dingle, who was born in 1989. His oldest son is Nate Robinson was born in 1991.

Debbie is Cain’s oldest child and only daughter (Credit: ITV)

Kyle was born in 2011 and little Isaac was born in 2017.

Cain in Emmerdale: Who are the mother’s of his children Debbie and Nate?

Cain had his first child Debbie with his second cousin Charity Dingle.

When Cain was 14 an Charity was 12 the two had a fling. However Cain had no idea that Charity was pregnant.

Charity gave birth to a baby girl. Charity’s dad Obadiah forced Charity to give the baby up to his friend Pat.

Charity is Debbie’s mum (Credit: ITV)

Pat named the baby girl Debbie and raised her until Debbie was a teenager. Debbie went into foster care when Pat fell ill and died.

She was looked after by Paddy and Emily Kirk. Shortly after Debbie’s arrival in 2002, Charity and Cain realised she was the daughter they were forced to give up.

Two years after Debbie’s birth, Cain had a relationship with Cara Robinson. Cara worked in a bar.

Cara kept her pregnancy a secret from Cain (Credit: ITV)

However Shadrach had a racist attitude towards Cara and often threatened her to keep away from Cain.

Cain’s mother Faith learnt that Cara was pregnant with Cain’s child. She coerced Cara into leaving and not telling Cain about the baby, knowing Shadrach wouldn’t approve of Cain raising a mixed-raced child.

Nate is Cain’s oldest son (Credit: ITV)

Cain didn’t know anything of Nate’s existence until 2019 when farmhand Nate revealed he had been having an affair with Cain’s wife Moira as revenge for abandoning him.

However when Nate learnt that Cain knew nothing about him, he was full of regret.

Who are the mum’s of Cain’s youngest children Kyle and Isaac?

In 2011, Cain slept with 17-year-old Amy Wyatt. Amy discovered she was pregnant with Cain’s son, however when she told him, he threatened her and told her to get an abortion.

But Amy learnt she was too far along to have a termination.

Cain’s younger half-sister Belle found out about the pregnancy however Amy told her to keep it a secret.

Kyle is the son of Cain and Amy Wyatt (Credit: ITV)

In December 2011, Amy gave birth to a baby boy in the village graveyard, but she believed he was dead when he didn’t make a sound or move.

Hazel Rhodes later found the baby in a telephone box, where Amy left him and he survived and was later named Kyle.

Kyle was put up for adoption but just two years later his adoptive parents died in a car crash.

Amy got in contact Kyle’s grandmother Joanie. Later that year she attempted to run off to Ireland with Kyle but Cain persuaded Amy to leave her son behind.

Amy and Cain slept together nearly 10 years ago (Credit: ITV)

Cain and Moira raised Kyle. However in 2019 Amy returned to the village and Cain has allowed her to see Kyle.

In 2017, Cain’s wife Moira went into labour, which was a huge shock to her as she had no idea she was pregnant.

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However Moira didn’t know who the father could be at first as she had slept with her nephew (by marriage) Pete Barton and estranged husband Cain.

A DNA test later proved Cain was baby Isaac’s dad.


Who are Cain’s stepchildren?

Cain is also a stepfather to Moira’s three children Adam, Matty and Holly. However Holly died in 2016.

Adam went on the run in 2018, but Matty is living in the village.

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