Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle meets son Ryan Stocks

And she makes a heartbreaking decision

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Charity Dingle has been forced to make one of the toughest decisions of her life – and fans were left devastated for her.

Emmerdale’s long-suffering landlady finally met up with her long-lost son last night (Tuesday 5 June) and some viewers were moved to tears by the reunion.

Charity finally met her son Ryan Stocks (Credit: ITV)

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But the warm and fuzzy feelings didn’t last long, as Charity was then forced to make the horrible choice never to see her son again.

After a heartbreaking ultimatum from midwife Irene, who adopted Ryan 27 year ago, Charity also agreed to drop all charges against DI Bails.

Meaning the rapist and corrupt cop will never face charges for what he did to her

Irene Stocks forces Charity to make a very tough decision (Credit: ITV)

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The hour-long special featured the first appearance from Ryan Stocks (James Moore), the son Charity gave birth to but abandoned at the hospital – thinking he was dead.

In fraught scenes, Charity (Emma Atkins) arranged a meeting with Ryan’s adoptive mother Irene, but was surprised when Ryan turned up instead.

Understandably, Ryan – who has Ataxic Cerebral Palsy – had lots of questions for his birth mum.

Ryan Stocks has Ataxic Cerebral Palsy (Credit: ITV)

Deciding to protect her son from the dark truth, Charity did not go into details about how his birth father is probably rapist DI Bails or one of his accomplices.

Speaking to Vanessa later, she explained: “He’s been through enough in his life, and where was I? What if he has to go to court and see Bails? I can’t let him know what a monster his dad is, I just can’t.

“He was my baby and I know I’m not the world’s best mum, and I didn’t protect him then but I can now by doing this.

“It’s the best thing that I can do for him, so it’s over.”

Fans loved the banter between Charity and her son Ryan (Credit: ITV)

Midwife Irene gave Charity an ultimatum to either tell Ryan the truth or leave him alone for good.

And Charity made the heartbreaking choice to let her son go and drop the charges against DI Bails.

Fans were gutted for the soap favourite, with one writing: “Those scenes of Charity and her son are so heartbreaking.”

Another said: “Nobody can make me cry at a soap like #EmmaStkins can. Truly heartbreaking stuff. Well done to all involved in this storyline it has me hooked. And loved the introduction of charity’s son Ryan. Can’t wait to see him again emmerdale.”

A third begged: “Charity don’t give up on your son.”

While fans aren’t happy with the thought of DI Bails escaping justice and Ryan not being around, only time will tell if Charity changes her mind…

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Helen Fear
TV Editor

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