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Emmerdale fans outraged as Mary refuses to report Faye’s scam

Mary felt like she was to blame

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In last night’s episode of Emmerdale (Tuesday May 2, 2023), Faye scammed Mary whilst leaving her injured on the floor.

As Mary rumbled her true intentions, Faye grabbed an envelope of cash before knocking Mary over, making her hit her head.

With Faye having done a runner, an ambulance came for Mary. However, Emmerdale fans have been left furious with Mary’s decision after Faye’s scam.

Mary bleeding and unconscious on Emmerdale
Faye revealed herself to be a con woman (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Faye scammed Mary

Last night, Mary realised that Suzy had been right about Faye. After realising that there was no women’s refuge in Ecuador, Mary confronted Faye.

She wondered why Faye had asked Suzy to transfer the money into her personal account, but Faye didn’t give her a good enough excuse. Faye then told Mary that she never loved her and that she was so easy to con before going to grab an envelope of money.

As Mary tried to stop Faye from taking the money, she fell over and hit her head. Faye left her bleeding out as she took the money, and stole Mary’s camera, and ran.

Fortunately, Rhona’s ex husband, Gus, turned up looking for Rhona and called for an ambulance. When Mary was seen to she explained that she didn’t want to call the police as it was her fault for falling for the scam.

She sobbed to Rhona as she came to the realisation that she was old and vulnerable, easily fooled and conned.

Mary didn’t want to call the police (Credit: ITV)

Fans left furious by Mary’s decision over Faye scam

Emmerdale fans have been left furious by Mary’s decision not to call the police over Faye’s scam. They’re noting that now Faye is free to go and scam somebody else.

One person commented: “I’m so angry that Mary hasn’t informed the police. That Faye deserves to be taught a lesson.”


Another viewer tweeted: “No police! Mary, you need to protect other vulnerable people from scammer Faye.”

A third person wrote: “You disappoint me Mary. I was expecting the police at the front door when it opened.”

Mary and Suzy argue over an envelope of money on Emmerdale
Can Mary trust anyone again? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Will Mary learn to trust anyone again?

Mary’s first lesbian relationship was with Faye, making her believe that she was finally starting to get lucky in love.

Faye had led Mary to believe that she could settle down and live the rest of her life in Ecuador doing something good with someone she loved.

However, after Faye’s scamming ways have come to light, will Mary learn to trust anyone ever again? Will she ever be lucky in love?

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