Emmerdale's Lily is looking worried and Martin is looking furious

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Lily left terrified by Martin’s threat

Martin threatens to call the police

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Tuesday January 24, 2023), Lily is left feeling terrified when Martin threatens to call the police.

After working out that Ricky Jr is Lily’s baby daddy, Martin threatens to expose him to the police.

Will Martin follow through with his threat in EastEnders spoilers?

Lily fears the consequences (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Martin threatens to call the police

After working out that Ricky Jr is Lily’s baby daddy, Martin threatens to call the police.

He also threatens to tell the Brannings.

Lily is left terrified as she finds Ricky Jr and tells him the news.

Ricky Jr struggles to process everything and ends up accidentally telling Sam.

He’s left even more upset when Sam reveals that she’s moving to Germany.

Later on, with the Brannings now aware of the situation, the Slaters and Brannings start confronting each other.

Will they calm down and do right by their children?

Phil gives Billy some important information (Credit: BBC)

Billy gets closer to finding Lola’s mum

Billy and Jay fear for Lola when she appears to be hiding something on the phone.

As Jay complains about Kim’s choice of costumes at the stag do, Billy grabs Lola’s phone.

Later on, Jay and Billy go through Lola’s phone to see what she’s been hiding.

Lola is furious when she finds the pair on her phone.

However, Billy might be able to make it up to her as he finds himself one step closer to finding Lola’s mum.

He’s delighted when Phil hands him the contact information for Emma Harding.

Will Billy be able to track her down and make Lola’s dreams come true?

Bernie and Felix both compete for the same job (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Felix and Bernie battle it out

Bernie is devastated when she finds out that she’s been sacked by Nish.

Felix tries to help her out by asking if she can have a job at The Albert.

However, Felix’s plan backfires when Kim announces that she wants him for the job instead.

Seeing how much Felix wants Bernie to have the job, she gives them the chance to compete against each other during a cocktail competition.

Who will bag themselves the job?

Reiss can’t help Sonia (Credit: BBC)

Sonia turns to Reiss for help

Sonia worries about how she’s going to pay the inheritance tax on Dot’s house.

She has no option but to turn to Reiss for support.

However, Reiss tells her that he can’t help her.

How will Sonia find the money to pay the tax?

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