EastEnders' Martin is upset and Lily is upset

EastEnders spoilers tonight: Lily’s baby daddy secret exposed

Martin puts two and two together

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Monday January 23, 2023), Lily’s baby daddy secret is exposed as Martin finds out the truth.

Martin figures out that Ricky Jnr is the baby’s father.

How will he react in EastEnders spoilers tonight?

EastEnders' Stacey and Martin and talking to each other whilst looking miserable
Martin works it out (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Lily’s baby daddy secret is exposed

Tonight, Stacey and Martin argue over how’s best to help Lily.

Lily feels stressed and speaks to Whitney about the baby.

This makes things worse as she’s left feeling more confused than earlier.

Confiding in Kat, Lily explains her conflicted feelings.

Kat brings her home as Ricky Jnr turns up to see if Lily is okay.

Seeing Lily’s reaction, Martin works out that Ricky Jnr must be the father of Lily’s baby.

How will he react to this discovery?

EastEnders Billy looks frustrated
Billy and Phil team up (Credit: BBC)

Phil offers to help Billy find Lola’s mum

Lola worries that she looks terrible as she prepares for her hen do.

Jay arranges for Kim and Denise to give Lola a makeover.

She ends up having a wonderful hen party with her friends.

However, she doesn’t realise that Billy’s on a quest to find her mum.

He suffers a false start in finding Lola’s mum, Emma.

However, Phil offers to help out in finding information for Billy.

Will Phil find the details that Billy so desperately needs?

EastEnders' Sam is speaking to Ricky Jnr
Sam prepares to tell Ricky Jnr the news (Credit: BBC)

Sam fears telling Ricky Jnr the truth

Ricky is excited to plan his new life with Sam and Scarlett.

However, Sam fears telling Ricky Jnr about her plan to move away.

Will she be able to tell him the truth?

EastEnders' Sonia is talking to Martin
Sonia gets a shock (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Sonia receives a shock bombshell

Sonia gets a shock when she receives some news.

She owes a lot of inheritance tax on Dot’s house.

Will Sonia be able to find the money to pay the tax?

EastEnders' Patrick has his hand on Linda's shoulder, comforting her
Linda seeks support (Credit: BBC)

Linda seeks support in grieving Mick

Alfie has concerns for Linda when he sees that she won’t go back to work.

However, Linda jumps in to save the day when Jay turns up at The Vic and reveals that he’s forgotten to book a venue for the wedding reception.

Arranging the event, Linda asks Jay how he copes knowing that Lola will die.

Jay speaks about hope.

Later, Patrick supports Linda when discussing life without Mick.

Will Linda be able to move on without the love of her life by her side?

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Ricky Jnr Is The Father Of Lily’s Baby?!?! #eastenders | 4th January 2023

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