EastEnders Jean and Stacey

Jean Slater’s manic episode in EastEnders leads to life-threatening situation

Can anyone help Jean as she loses control?

EastEnders spoilers reveal Jean Slater’s manic episode leaves her in deadly danger next week.

Jean announces that it’s her wedding day to all in Albert Square, before heading to Southend – the town she and fiancé Harvey are planning to move to.

The problem is, Jean is on her own, there’s no wedding and it’s clear she is in terrible peril.

Will Stacey find her mum before it’s too late?

EastEnders Jean and Harvey Jean carrying big box
Harvey tries to slow things down (Credit: BBC)

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Harvey starts to worry

Jean’s groom-to-be Harvey is concerned about how much money Jean is spending on the wedding.

He orders her to cancel everything, trying to persuade her they should concentrate on finding their new home in Southend first.

When he sees how excited she is to receive her wedding dress, however, he slightly backtracks.

Later, Harvey’s distraught to learn that his son Aaron has been attacked in prison, but Jean hardly registers what he’s told her.

Harvey realises he has to concentrate on his son, but this leaves Jean furious.

She moves into the Slaters’. But she’s not done yet.

EastEnders Jean looking at veil
Jean’s headdress will be closely followed by the full dress (Credit: BBC)

Jean’s wedding day for one in EastEnders

Harvey might be out of the picture, but Jean is still going to have her day, her way.

Soon, she’s donning her wedding dress and heading out into the Square.

EastEnders Jean in wedding dress smelling flowers
EastEnders Jean can only see the bright side (Credit: BBC)

Jean’s quick to tell people this is her wedding day, leaving Billy concerned.

He tells Stacey what’s going on. But by the time Stacey realises, Jean is nowhere to be seen.

EastEnders Martin and Stacey search Southend for Jean
Martin and Stacey have had better holidays (Credit: BBC)

Stacey searches Southend

Down in Southend, Jean is having the time of her life.

She revels in it as people comment on her dress. Jean even heads to the funfair and plays on the rides.

Meanwhile, Stacey works out where her mum is, and enlists Martin to help her.

Stacey and Martin head to town and desperately try and track her down.

EastEnders Jean in wedding dress in Southend
Jean do like to be beside the seaside (Credit: BBC)

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EastEnders Jean in danger

At first, Martin and Stacey have trouble finding Jean.

However, eventually they spot her. And they are horrified to realise she is walking out to sea.

Frantic, Stacey catches up with her mum.

She talks calmly to Jean, trying to get her away from the water.

Finally, Jean responds, starting to realise that she is unwell.

However, she still resists Stacey.

Can Stacey persuade her mum to get the help she so desperately needs?

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