EastEnders spoilers: First look comp image week 41 - Jay, Sharon and Keanu

EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for October 9-13

Jay is struggling and Sharon drops a bombshell

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Jay’s downward spiral continues and when Nadine offers him drugs things are set to get even worse.

Meanwhile, Sharon is growing closer to Dorian and Keanu knows he needs to do something about it. But what will his plan be?

Also, Rocky’s woes get worse as he continues gambling. Can Harvey bring him back in line?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Jay turns to drugs

Jay wakes up at Nadine‘s and is shocked to find a bag of ketamine by her bedside. He confronts her but she says it helps her cope. She insists it could help him too, but Jay leaves and heads home.

When he returns Ben is annoyed with Jay for being out all night again. Ben accuses Jay of neglecting Lexi and later Jay tries to make it up to her by cooking her a special tea. However, he then goes out to score some ketamine from Nadine.

When Jay drops his bag of ketamine in front of Callum, Cal is horrified. Ben is later worried about Jay and thinks he needs to see a counsellor, but will he give up the drugs?

2. Sharon moves on

Sharon is excited by Dorian and his flirting and agrees to have a drink with him in The Vic. He tells her there’s a job for her in Abu Dhabi and she should jump at the chance. Sharon is sorely tempted.

Sharon agrees Keanu can look after Albie, despite how he’s been behaving recently. However, he’s shaken when he sees her all dressed up for her date.

3. Keanu takes revenge

Dorian gives Sharon flowers the next day and fuming Keanu is less than impressed. He decides to take Albie out for the day without telling Sharon.

Karen refuses to tell Sharon where they have gone and takes great delight in watching her squirm. But Sharon threatens to call the police if they don’t return soon.

Keanu and Albie arrive back just in time to stop her, but a big row breaks out. Sharon demands to know where they’ve been and is soon making a big decision…

4. Sharon means business

Keanu apologises the next day, but Sharon insists they need a third party involved to sort out Albie’s childcare arrangements. Keanu, with Karen’s support, and Sharon meet with her solicitor to discuss Albie.

But Sharon soon drops a huge bombshell that leaves Keanu reeling…

5. Karen plots

After a nasty confrontation with Sharon in The Vic, Karen comes home with a plan. She pushes Keanu to agree, but will he go along with it?

Meanwhile, Sharon later confides in Kathy she still loves Keanu, but isn’t sure if he ever loved her. She worries he was only with her for Albie, but is she right?

6. Ravi gets devastating news

Ravi finds out the police are dredging the canal after finding Nugget’s mobile there. Suki calls Nugget and begs him to let Ravi know he’s alive.

Ravi later gets a text from Nugget saying he’s safe and Vinny encourages him to go to the police. However Ravi’s gutted when the police suggest it may be a hoax.

7. The stakes are high for Rocky

Rocky heads to the bookies to win back his share of their loan repayments. Harvey soon joins him, unaware just how high the stakes are for Rocky.

But the next day, Harvey is worried to see Rocky go in there again. Rocky covers it’s just a bit of fun, but later sneaks back for another bet.,

Harvey is concerned about the amount Rocky is betting, but Rocky swears he won’t bet again. Rocky later gets a tip from George for Pie, Pint and Fight night and bets big, But is Rocky about to lose big too?

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