EastEnders Chantelle returns from the dead

EastEnders’ Gray Atkins haunted by ‘dead’ Chantelle in email twist

The killer is left shaken

Gray Atkins is in for a shock in EastEnders as spoilers reveal his wife Chantelle will ‘return from the dead.’

Of course tragic Chantelle isn’t really being resurrected but Gray is shaken when he starts receiving emails from her.

The emails keep coming and soon Gray is opening up to Eve about being trolled.

EastEnders Feb 18 Kheerat gifts Gray some whiskey but swiftly sends another email to see his reaction.
Gray confides in Kheerat about the emails (Credit: BBC)

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She suggests he ignores them, but Gray is determined to find out who’s behind the macabre mails.

Gray ends up confiding in Kheerat about what’s going on, not knowing that he’s actually behind the emails.

Later, Gray is heading up to bed when he gets another message.

Will Gray work out the truth?

And he’s left reeling when he opens the front door where something extremely disturbing indeed awaits him.

Unknown to Gray, Kheerat watches on with interest.

Beginning to feel paranoid, Gray asks Chelsea if she’s heard anyone talking about him.

EastEnders Feb 17 As Kheerat continues to enjoy messing with Gray, Gray starts to look at Mitch and Whitney as suspects
Gray suspects Mitch might be the troll (credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, as Kheerat continues to enjoy messing with Gray, the killer starts to look at who could be responsible for the creepy messages.

His immediate suspects are Mitch and Whitney, so he takes Mitch for a drink and begins to open up to him about Chantelle.

Gray then spots Whitney on the street and approaches her, accusing her of sending the poison emails.

Will he realise he’s way off the mark?

Later, Kheerat gives Gray some whiskey before sending another email so he can watch his reaction.

When Whitney appears, Kheerat is rude to her, playing up his new ‘friendship’ with Gray.

What will Gray do to Kheerat when he discovers the truth?

How long will Kheerat be able to toy with Gray before the lawyer catches on?

And what will it mean for Kheerat when he does?

EastEnders fans know that Chantelle – Karen and Mitch’s daughter – was killed by Gray in 2020.

Chantelle – played by  The Girl Before star Jessica Plummer – suffered a long campaign of violence and psychological abuse at the hands of Gray.

EastEnders Feb 15 Gray’s heart drops as an email arrives from “Chantelle”
Will Gray work out the truth? (Credit: BBC)

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She died when he pushed her in their kitchen, causing her to fall on to the dishwasher she was unloading.

Chantelle fell on to a rack of upturned knives while Gray watched on.

He then left her bleeding to death while he headed to The Vic to create an alibi for himself.

Gray is now married to Chelsea, and Whitney and Kheerat are worried she might end up like Chantelle.

As well as Chantelle, Gray was also responsible for the deaths of Tina Carter and Kush Kazemi.

EastEnders - Chantelle Baker's First Appearance (26th March 2019)

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