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EastEnders spoilers: Brannings and Slaters at war over Lily’s baby

Jack wants Lily to have an abortion

In EastEnders spoilers for next week, the Brannings and the Slaters start a war over whether Lily should keep her baby or not.

Whilst Lily has decided to keep the baby, Jack makes it clear that he wants Lily to have an abortion.

Will Lily stick to her decision in EastEnders spoilers?

Lily has made a big decision (Credit: BBC)

Lily wants to keep her baby

Recently, Lily changed her mind about aborting her baby.

She had originally not wanted to keep the child. However, after speaking to Kat, Lily confided in her about the conflicted feelings she was experiencing regarding her situation.

She then returned home and told Martin and Stacey that they shouldn’t worry about her.

She had decided to keep her baby.

With Martin realising that Ricky Jr. was Lily’s baby daddy, he then threatened to tell the Brannings.

Lily told Ricky Jr. the news, with him then accidentally telling Sam.

Now, the Brannings and Slaters start a war over Lily’s plans to keep her baby.

Will they eventually see eye to eye?

Jack wants Lily to have an abortion (Credit: BBC)

The Brannings and Slaters start a war in EastEnders spoilers

Next week, Jack is furious when he finds out that Lily is planning on keeping her baby.

He can’t believe that Ricky Jr. has promised to support the baby.

Jack orders a meeting with Stacey and Martin despite Denise trying to calm him down.

The Brannings and Slaters fight it out as Jack begs Stacey to convince Lily to abort the baby.

Stacey makes it clear that Lily will not be forced into doing anything and the decision is hers.

Later on, Jack tries to scare Lily into aborting her baby by telling her what life will be like as a teen mum.

Stacey catches Jack giving Lily a talking to and tells him that none of the Brannings will be allowed near the baby.

Ricky Jr. is devastated and blames his dad, deciding to move in with Sam.

Denise and Stacey try to convince Martin to have a word with Jack about Lily keeping the baby.

But, will Jack see Lily’s point of view?

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Lily is Having Her Baby #eastenders | 23rd January 2023

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